Hello Everyone and welcome to the grand opening of The Noodle House!

This is a place where random things takes place. It can be about food,anime and etc. Too bad I can't serve you all a great bowl of hot ramen to go! Oh well, hopefully that day will come soon.

The Noodle House is now Officially open!

Thanks for coming by and please visit often.

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Ramen'S SS XMAS Fanart Wishlist (2016)!!!! :D

Hi everyone!

Since I haven't been drawing anything, I thought that maybe this event will help me out.So let's get to it:)

Dear Secret Santa,

I would be happy to receive anything related from this list:

anime/movie/show series:

-One Punch man

more specific:
-One punch man eating ramen
-Ninjas decorating a xmas tree
-The avengers decorating ginger bread house


-Baking cookies
-play in the snow
-chilling/hanging out
-building snowman

Feel free to draw anything you like as well, Yup, anything at all :)

Thank you!