Hello Everyone and welcome to the grand opening of The Noodle House!

This is a place where random things takes place. It can be about food,anime and etc. Too bad I can't serve you all a great bowl of hot ramen to go! Oh well, hopefully that day will come soon.

The Noodle House is now Officially open!

Thanks for coming by and please visit often.

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What's up?! = .... *UPDATE*


How's everyone doing?

Hmmm... my summer have been pretty cool, I have been working on many projects, but of course that leads to not really finishing anything..... :D

So last week I went to my new school's orientation with P-MAN. It was such a long drive...2 hours to get there and 3.5 hours to get back (traffic) PLUS we had to leave a 4 am! But it was fun, met some new friends, got my classes that I need, spoke to advisers and got some free stuff (ehh...not really free since we had to pay for the orientation and it was pricey...). Yep

My classes:
1) Women in music (study about how women are represented in music from different cultures, it was suppose to be P-man's class, but P-man couldn't take it with me)
2) The ottoman empire (thinking about it, I don't know anything about them... which is why I'm taking the class)
3)Sociology of Emotions (class about emotions, yep)

Yep, hopefully it would be a good first quarter (I'm so used to the semester system, so the quarter system is new)

And now for the finale!!! : ******ADVERTISEMENT!!!!!!

So my sis, my cousin and I decide to open an etsy account to sell the art and crafts stuff that we made :D !!!!!!!

Here's the link: CLICK HERE PLEASE

Please check it out, thanks!

We only have a few things, but hopefully we will get some more stuff on there

Have a good one everyone and here is a little wisdom for the day :)

Wow, what a night!

So before going to bed last night, I watched two episodes of " Beyond scared straight".... Its a show about misfit kids going to jail or prison for a day to help them to become a better person and stay out of trouble. They get to see actual inmates and get yell at by them too. The kids get to see how prison life is basically.

then I dreamt about me getting arrested by a lady cop.... She threw me in the back of the trunk of the car. I was afraid that I couldn't breath and I then question her legitness as an officer.... Because why was I in the trunk, shouldn't I be sitting in the back of her car? So I ask her to not close the trunk. I then went back to my house somehow and my mom had three evil dogs that want to eat me. So I somehow turn them into oranges and ate them....i know its weird.

so yeah, what an exciting night :)

Unintentional consequences....

Good morning,

So last night my older sis decided to clean out her make up and body sprays collections.....it was not so pleasant.

She kept spraying the body sprays and perfume everywhere and the whole house smelled. Then we came across a collection of body sprays that my 2 sis and I got as a gift. I knew they all smelled bad, but I gave them a second chance. Yep. Never again shall I give second chances to any body sprays

Here's the REAL story:

We have a small sink that is connected to our island table in the kitchen and so my older sis thought we should pour all the unwanted body sprays down the drain before we recycle the bottles. I took the initiative to open the sprays to smell them. Each time I test smell/waft/sniff I passed it along to my sis so she could test try them again to make sure and then pour them....

Dude!, The first one smelled like pure rubbing alcohol, the second one smelled like the toilet cleaners, the third one smelled like Raid (It's a brand of ant killing spray) and then the last one smelled like the "good" old days in the highschool's locker room....you know the smell of sweat and tears in P.E and then ppl tried to cover the smell with crap. Yep.

It was a hilarious process. I know some body sprays smell good, but these are crappy....I guess the best ones are in hiding. But the sad part, is that there are people who actually would probably spray the stuff that we tossed.....

Thenas a result, our kitchen smelled! It was so bad and it was during dinner time. It smelled like the the Locker room, you would think if we poured all them together, it would smell okay, ....such naive thinking! My sis pour mouthwash and it smelled nice and minty which is cool, but then it smelled bad again.... So I plugged the drain and ran some hot soapy water and squeeze a lime in there. If our parent asked, we would say " Oh were cleaning the sink,"

Then this morning, the kitchen didn't smell anymore :D

Never again will this happen...hopefully

Thanks for reading

Have a good one

What the heck am I doing?

Hey everyone, what's up?

Lately, inspiration has definitely flew away to somewhere I have never heard of.... and I'm not lazy

Whoa, maybe I'm in an art block... I haven't had that for a while. Yeah maybe.

It's funny how when life and school try to take over my life, I would always find a way to squeeze some time to draw some stuff. But since school is over...for now, and I have not much to do besides decluttering the house, I don't feel like drawing. Weird.

Recently I got some new art stuff, so I'll try to do something with them, even if it's just staring at them :)

Hope you all are doing well

Later all


< WARNING: This post might be too long, too short, or TMI>

WhOa, I have a lot to update and I normally don't do them...so here it is:

Hi Everyone, Hope you guys are doing well

This past week have been quite a trip for me, there are so many things that I want to share with you all :)

-This past week I have sort of stop logging into TheO coldturkey for 5-6 days.... I did this so that I could focus on my finals, it's amazing how much time you can put into studying and it actually pays off... :) ALso it's so that I could reassure myself that I would live through the hellish week and will be able to log back in on here again..hope that make some sense....Well I'm back

-Last Friday was my last day at work (I worked at my school bookstore). Yep so I'm unemployed, but happily unemployed and I could finally have a legit summer. I will definitely missed my coworkers, a few customers, but not the work or most of the difficult customers...

-Last Saturday I have graduated from my community college and waiting to become a banana slug at UCSC

-I got a blue bean bag as a graduation gift, Awesome

*Thank you everyone for allowing me to reach over 3000 comments and over 4000 views on this world! THANK YOU!!!!

- I recently got some new inspirations and art stuff so I will play around with that too. I'm gona try to be an active member on here this summer :)

I wish that this was my bean bag, but it's all good

I think that's it....

Thanks for putting up with me and have a good one