Hello Everyone and welcome to the grand opening of The Noodle House!

This is a place where random things takes place. It can be about food,anime and etc. Too bad I can't serve you all a great bowl of hot ramen to go! Oh well, hopefully that day will come soon.

The Noodle House is now Officially open!

Thanks for coming by and please visit often.

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Fake Donuts.... :P

Hey guys!

I hope you guys are doing well and having fun this summer :)

I have about two more months of summer left and I'm taking it slow and taking lots of nap.

I have been working on more crafty stuff to sell on my etsy shop.
Here's a link :CICK HERE
I also actually drew a comic but I haven't post it up yet....! And I still don't know what to draw for my 100th fanart... -_-

So today I made some donut charms and they look so good!!!!

So good that my sis and I crave for real donuts... so were gonna get some tomorrow :D I will also decorate the donut charms tomorrow too :)

Yeah, that's pretty much it for now

Have a good one

Use HONEY!!!!

Hey everyone!

How's everything going?
I'm officially on my summer break ;) my summer ends on October 2nd, so I got a very long break from school!

I planned to work on some art projects, renew my passport ( just in case i have to get out the country...) and dejunk the garage! Basically there's a lot of stuff to do.

I saw Maleficent and I like this version of Sleeping Beauty better than the original animated one. Pretty slow at the beginning but overall a good watch.

For three days straight, my two sis and I have been playing badminton in the backyard. We set up a net and everything for it, so it's been cool.

For the past 6 days, it's weird not having to sleep at a certain time or wake up early....sure I have some chores, but I rather have them than homework....I don't know why most children/people in general complained about chores.... they could be therapeutic or a good way to procrastinate on projects. That's why living in a dorm at school was weird, because I can't use chores as a way to procrastinate

the other day I was cooking a pot of rice and I opened the lid wrong and slowly, so I got burned by steam... I knew steam could be hot too but I didn't expect it to be so hot that it could gave me a burn.... O.o
So I ran my fingers under cool water, but it still stings, so I iced it but it still hurts.... So I googled on what to do with a burn and the first thing I saw was to use honey. I put some honey on my fingers and now I'm all good :D

LESSON: I learned that HONEY is the go-to-home remedy item if you burned yourself! It's also good in coffee and on toast with peanut butter :D

That's it for now, this post have turned out so random....

And Please check out my etsy shop(my sis and cousin is part of it too) and tumblr for our shop too! The links are on top of the introduction of this world

Thanks again

Have a good one

What Happen...?

Hey everyone,

It's been a while since I've post anything

I don't know what happened... I guess I could blame school.... nah, I just suck at time management.

It's been so long that I don't even remember how to make a post... !
Also my inbox is full, well there are 11 unread messages... and usually I have zero, so I think it's pretty bad.

But I have like 4-5 more weeks of school then it's SUMMER! Yay.

I'm also "working" on my 100th fanart... but the piece of paper that I had to layout the whole thing have been sitting on my desk for the past 4 weeks, or more.... One day it shall be done :)

I guess that's it for now, have a good one

An IMPORTANT question :)

Hey guys,

I recently realized that since I have access to faster internet, maybe I should try downloading some anime episodes, so I can watch them later... :)


Where do you guys mainly watch or download your animes (leagally, I guess..) :D

Thanks alot!!! Yep it was a very important question... XD

Mission Accomplished!!!!

I've reach my goal of making over 4,000 comments!

Thanks to everyone because if you guys didn't have cool stuff like world posts and artwork, I wouldn't have made it :)

Have a good one