Hello Everyone and welcome to the grand opening of The Noodle House!

This is a place where random things takes place. It can be about food,anime and etc. Too bad I can't serve you all a great bowl of hot ramen to go! Oh well, hopefully that day will come soon.

The Noodle House is now Officially open!

Thanks for coming by and please visit often.

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(Both Tumblr and Etsy accounts, I shared with my sis and cousin :D)

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Ramen's SS Wishlist 2015

Hi there Secret Santa!!!

For xmas on the Otaku this year, I would like anything with...

-Shizuo from durara!
-kisuke urahara from bleach
-ninja related
-black widow from avengers
-rainbow inspired
And finally....

-anything that is related to the holidays/xmas!!! (This should make it easier...or. not.. ;D)

Thanks again!!!


Hello & a very short Update

Hey guys!

It's finally summer for me! I hope it is for everyone else as well.
A few major changes have happened since I have last posted and here they are in bullet form:

- I have officially graduated from college and got my BA!
-I applied to an award last month and won it! The money that I'll receive will go towards my sis and my project to write children books about the Vietnamese heritage and also to help fund our trip to Vietnam in the future
-I recently have upgraded my phones from a windows to a Samsung :)

Yup, so now I'm free from school for now and I will finally be able to spend this summer to chill before I find a stable plan in the fall. I have a lot of things to do as well. I have to write a bunch of thank you cards to my favorite professors and counselors at school, I plan to take some fun online classes, organizing my art supplies and miscellaneous things around the house. So far it's only been a week since I have graduated and it seemed so long ago!

And lately I have been watching a lot of the Simpson Marathon on tv and haunting and paranormal shows as well :) my older sis was able to get a wii so we have been playing the dancing game, just dance and it's been fun.

I have also been obsess with coconuts, they are so good! *High Fives* to anyone else who likes it too :D

I will also be looking forward to the new Regular Show episodes!

Have a good one!!!!!

The Otaku's SUPER Anime Countdown Special !

Hey everyone!

So Keba Si Rota have an awesome idea!

If you want to know what it is...(*ahem...the title of this post sort of gives it away....)

Then click here to read more on her world :



Long Time no See... :[

Hi everyone!

WHAT?! I have missed out on so much on here!

But I finally have time to write a post!!!!

AND it seems like the O have been pretty active and that's good. And most of you guys are having great changes in your lives :D The art sections looks so creative, I think it's cool to see new otakuians' work on there as well

So a few things had happened since I have last updated, and so I'm gonna write them down in bullet points....:

-I am in my last quarter for school
-I am a part-time kid/student.....even though I have two classes...overall I have four classes that I go to...cuz two of them I just sit in and they're free (cuz I asked my professors for permission)
-I applied for graduation in June
-Over the spring break, which was two weeks ago I went to SOUTH KOREA for a week! I went with my two sis and younger cousin. We went to visit a cousin who is teaching English there :D All we did was ate, shop and travel in subways, buses and train :D

Art wise:



To Keba:
Sorry Keba, I am so behind with the sketch challenge! But I will definitely catch up!!!


Thank you & short Update

Hey everybody!I hope everyone is doing well!!!

I just want to say THANK YOU! for all the birthday wishes that I have received, it's an awesome feeling to see that so many otakuians care :D

My birthday was pretty good, even though it was a school day and I had a paper due! Even though I spent working on my paper that day, I still had a good time. It gets scary when doing school work is actually fun.... 0-o?

My awesome roomate got me some awesome fuzzy socks and cool japanese items!Haha I didn't give anything to my sister for our birthday... we don't really get each other anything cuz the other will know anyway...one day we shall break this tradition!

yeah, I haven't been doing much...just school and being lazy. I haven't even taken care of my etsy shop either.... yep -_- I haven't drawn for a while so I have forgotten on how to hold a pencil...

I did finish painting my guardians of the galaxy shoes...so I will post it up soon!

I can't wait to so all the xmas activities this year...besides shopping...it's so painful. But I will wrap presents :D I planned to go to this xmas program to help out with wrapping gifts so I shall see how that goes.

Finally, There's two more weeks of school!!!!

I'm actually excited working on this paper about murderabilia. Anyone heard of it? It's like sort memorabilia but people collect items that has connections to murders and such.

Have a good one!

Anyone agreed with this pic? :