5 simple ways to get dressed for a family function

All of us have certain social obligations that we must fulfil and family functions count one among them. There are some people who like to dress up every day and some who like to dress up for certain occasions only. However, when you dress up, it’s not just for your own self esteem but also to be situationally appropriate. Dressing up for a family function can sometimes be confusing, so we have some tips listed below which can help you look smart for all you future family functions.


Always choose an outfit that fits you well and flatters your figure. If it’s a grand occasion, try to pick fabrics such as silk or linen that add elegance to your outfit. Make sure that whatever you choose to wear is well ironed and clean. Solid colours and bold prints work well for evening functions. For attending day events you can opt for lighter colours and pastel shades.

Hair style

Choosing a good hairstyle is an important part of dressing up. If you’re attending a semi casual event, a messy ponytail or a side ponytail would match your semi casual outfit. For a grander event, a neat bun which is highlighted by braids, accessories or wavy accents can attract attention to your face. If nothing works out then style your hair well and let it fall elegantly over your shoulders.

Make up

Do not apply too much make up especially for any day event. A natural even tone make up usually works wonders for any occasion and makes you look chic. Highlight your eyes with a good mascara and liner. A good foundation and highlighter scan do the magic for your face. Nude lip colours look great during the day and you may choose to wear bold colours of lipstick for the night.


The way you accessorize speaks volumes about your fashion choices. To add a touch of royalty to your outfits you can wear diamond jewellery made of lab grown diamonds London. Fine diamond jewellery are versatile and match most outfits. They also add a touch of sparkle to upgrade your get up. Just remember to go easy on the earrings if you choose to wear a heavy necklace and vice versa. Additionally, you can choose to wear rings, bracelets and hair accessories according to your style and preference.


You should be mindful while selecting your footwear for an event. Not only should you keep in mind the outfit that you are wearing but also the amount of running around that you may be expected to indulge in. If it’s a formal event, then wearing stilettoes that complement your outfit are a good choice. But if you’re anticipating a lot of walking around then opt for more comfortable block heels or cone heels. For day events you can choose a good pair of wedges to go along with your outfit. Neutral colours like black and beige go along with most outfits or you can choose to match your shoe colour sparingly with some accessory such as your sapphire engagement ring.