WyvernWings' New Character, Cyrus Alatum!

[√] I understand, you have my permission. I wish to join the club.

Character's Full Name: Cyrus Augustus Alatum

Pronunciation: (SIGH-russ) (Ugh-US-tuss) (Ah-LATE-um)

Species: Human (has metal appendages that were intended to be wings attached to his back)

Abilities: He is literally a genius (with an IQ of approximately 220). That’s about all he’s got.

Age: 25 years old

Height: 6’5”

Hair: Chestnut-brown, unkempt, fairly shaggy (will be cut later on)

Eye Color(s): Golden-Amber (normal pupils)

Skin Color(s): Light Olive-paler from malnutrition and lack of sunlight

Personality: Due to the eleven years he spent in a jail cell, he is overly shy and cautious. He has a very difficult time trusting others. While he had been rather outgoing as a child, his experiences changed him drastically in the opposite way of Griffin. Even before his capture, he’d been diagnosed as bipolar, and is hence prone to random mood swings, including ones where he grows confident enough to voice his opinion with no discretion and where he becomes so withdrawn it’s as if he’s literally mute.

Looks: On his face, neck, arms, abdomen, and legs (i.e. his entire body), he has severe burn scars from the fire that murdered his parents. Because he knew his brother loved them, he has a tattoo of a red dragon on his wrist (unknowingly identical to Griffin’s; the scientists thought it was clever, to give the two brothers matching tattoos, for they knew they would meet again). From the years he spent in imprisonment, he has many deep scars from the torture his captors forced him to endure.

Appearance: Though he rarely sees strangers (even after joining the MCC), he typically appears like an extremely malnourished, handsome, tortured soul. His eyes hold a sadness that drives people away, and though he tries to hide it, his past truly affects the air he gives off in a negative way. The burns on his face typically lead people to believe he was involved in a war or some sort of gang fight, and he would never dare to correct them.

Outfit/Style: Since he has worn little more than rags since the age of fourteen, Cyrus doesn’t care what he wears. He would prefer a large, baggy coat to hide the metal “skeleton” on his back. Otherwise, he’ll wear simple jeans and sweatshirts.

Likes: Silence (Not the Silence), hope, fresh air, sunlight, water, food (he likes the simple things in life)

Dislikes: Liars, crowds, fear, jail cells (or other small spaces), torture (himself or others), Xenogenesis Laboratories

Strengths: extremely intelligent, very loyal if one gains his trust, clever, observant

Weaknesses: too timid and fearful, won’t take risks, is too cautious, wary and weary, pessimistic

Fears: People, relationships, losing anyone he cares about, small spaces, most everything

Relationships: When he first meets a new person, he acts like a shy child, too afraid to speak, but his reasons are justified. Because he lost his family early on, he’s afraid to bond with anyone in fear of losing them. The only relationship that occurs instantly is with his brother after they reunite, both having believed the other was dead.

Family: His parents perished in a house fire when he was ten they are dead, I promise; his brother (Griffin) is a member of the MCC

History: Cyrus never intended to hurt anyone, but when he became mixed up with evil scientists, he was the cause of hundreds’ agony. Since he was little, Cyrus had an knack for science, specifically biology, and when he saw that his twin enjoyed things that couldn’t exist, he tried to find a way to make his dreams a reality. He was eight when he first began planning. At age nine, he graduated from college but returned to high school when his brother was admitted at age 11. When Cyrus was only twelve, he had an IQ of about 170, and with his technology and research, he posted his theories online for critiques and opinions. By this point, he had already won countless science fairs and had met with some of the top scientists of the world, so he already had notoriety in the science community. Scientists around the globe became interested in his works; scientists who only wanted fame and money; scientists who wished to exploit a naive, intelligent boy. When Cyrus turned 14, he finally met with some of the scientists who had seemed interested in his work.

These scientists would later form Xenogenesis Laboratories.

Cyrus had explained his ideas over the Internet, and claiming it would work, he volunteered to be the first experiment.

It failed. The wings Cyrus had hoped to have malfunctioned, burning away the false skin and nanobacteria that enabled it to ‘heal’ and leaving twin metal, skeletal structures that were otherwise useless.

They are permanent.

Despaired, Cyrus tried to show his brother what he had wanted to do for him, but Griffin (shy, quiet, and easily startled) only feared him, openly calling him a monster. Ashamed, Cyrus gave up on his idea, abandoning the scientists he had banded together. But they would have none of that. If they couldn’t have the genius to work with, they’d take the closest thing: Griffin.

Cyrus was unaware the night they set fire to their house. Griffin was kidnapped, and contrary to what the boy and the scientists (at first) believed, Cyrus escaped with severe burns that scarred a large portion of his body. It took a long time, but Cyrus managed to find the location of Griffin’s captors. When he did find them, the experiment had been a success. Cyrus was furious that they had killed his parents to put his brother through what he had endured, but the part that made him most vengeful was that his brother had been the successful victim when he had been forced into it. Cyrus ordered them to release his brother. But he was nothing more than a child. He vowed to tell the world of what they had done, and since he no longer had any living relatives, they decided to imprison him. In their possession he remained forevermore. Or so he thought.

After Griffin’s wings were a success, the scientists formed an elite society, building laboratories around the world and kidnapping children to perform their experiments. 90 percent of them were successful. The earlier experiments were less developed, using very slight but permanent modifications such as Griffin’s or Ash’s, but as time progressed, they became more complex, like Larua’s, Acacia’s & even Nodin’s. They were all brainwashed into thinking they were real, mythical creatures; the only members who weren’t a scientific marvel were Travis and Kuroshiro, Travis having no paranormal abilities and Kuroshiro being a true spirit. They didn’t want the subjects to know what the scientists had done, so they altered their memories and sent them back to their homelands to live.

(^Holy cheese sorry for the wall of text erk. I wrote this like six months ago).

Their families were either terminated completely, manipulated into keeping the truth a secret, or were actually XL scientists.

For some, they sent scientists to guard the “creatures”, the more dangerous ones or the most likely to stumble across something of importance on nothing but sheer luck. The tracking devices were used to keep record of their development and to see how well they adapted. The scientists wanted to sell their subjects to militias or circuses or other organizations, depending on their abilities, and in order to be sure they wouldn’t fail, they required a few ‘checkups.’ After the final checkup, one that would occur once the experiments became aware of the truth, the scientists planned to gather them all together to sell them and erase their memories only to give them new ones, ones where they only do the bidding of their ‘owners.’

Throughout it all, Cyrus remained locked in what was worse than a prison cell in Virginia, waiting for an opportunity. Waiting to see his brother again.