Animelover7310's New Character, Charlie Corners!

[√] I understand, you have my permission. I wish to join the club.

Character's Full Name: Charlie Corners
Species: Used to be a werewolf, now a human!
Abilities: He’s extremely smart. He figured out what exactly was wrong with XL, why they operate, how they came to be, and how to fix everybody in the club, even change them back to a normal human. He experiments on many different things. He can fight too, very well actually. Since he remembers all of his fighting moves and that wasn’t taken away with the chip, he knows how to fight. He can fix anybody and all of this is possible because of his savant syndrome and his high I.Q. of 198.
Age: 28, though he appears to be 30.
Height: 6”1’
Hair: Dirty blond hair that goes down to his shoulders, but keeps it in a braid because it’s always in the way and he never has time to cut it.
Eye Color(s): One eye is black, with that pupil is quite bigger than the other along with the actual eye being a little bigger as well than normal, and the other eye is bright blue.
Skin Color(s): Slightly tan
Personality: Due to knowing everything scientific, he tends to be a bit conceited at times. Even though he has a great mind, he likes to make many jokes about experimentation on either himself or to scare his fiancée. When he takes on the seriousness of his experiments and science though, he will be serious and concentrated on his work. When he meets a person, he is usually cordial and nice. It only depends on if you stay on his good side or not, because when you get on his bad side, there will no be good results in the other person's end. Since he is autistic, his emotions vary. He will not talk much unless he is prompted to or unless he absolutely needs to.
Looks: Charlie is very muscular and has tons of scars everywhere, from either being experimented on or experimenting on himself. He has a small patch of hair missing underneath his layers of hair because of the recent surgery his fiancee did on him on his brain, which was to remove the tracking device/chip that resided in his brain. He doesn’t have his werewolf ears, tail, canine teeth, claws, or anything of the like anymore.
Appearance: Charlie either looks like a really smart or creepy man, depending on who looks at him. For those who don’t see his eyes, they like Charlie a lot. He’s basically another guy, but he’s extremely smart and can fix any problem that comes to hand.
Outfit/Style: Charlie’s style seems to be more relaxed and yet, scientific at the same time. He’ll wear his normal white lab coat with proper clothes underneath, such as black dress pants and a plain, white, collared shirt, along with his glasses and having his hair up. He’s mostly barefoot all the time. When he’s taking a break from all of his scientific work, he dresses in a relaxed way, such as in sweatpants, old tank tops, old white shirts, the usual wear.
Likes: Anything dealing with science; Tea; Sweets; Biology; Physiology; Any science typically; Making jokes through experimentation; His fiancée;
Dislikes: Reverting back to his werewolf side; XL and what they plan to do; Getting mad; Anybody who doesn't try to understand what he is saying; People finding out that he is autistic; People making fun of how smart he is;
Strengths: Experimentation; his IQ; what he can still do from being a werewolf.
Weaknesses: His IQ; His autism; His old werewolf self; His anger; His fiancée;
Fears: Being experimented on by XL ( yet he's completely fine with experimenting on himself O.o);
Relationships: Charlie reacts to people sometimes on how logical or how smart they are, but he does let that slide from time to time. He doesn't mind people unless they start to make fun of his autism, because he then starts to make fun of how unintelligent they are, so he can gain many enemies. He is engaged to the woman who experimented on him in XL.
Family: Akira is his sister, his father died when he was 13, and his mother is still very much alive, who he keeps in contact with constantly, but Akira has no idea about her.
History: When Charlie was born, he was born with savant syndrome, which is a type of autism that gives a high IQ to the one who has it. Due to this, he has an IQ of 198 and he has already loved science. No matter what, when Charlie was little, he was fascinated by every type of science known to man and he always wanted to excel in it. Due to this dream, he graduated college at the age of 10 and joined national leagues of scientists, helping find cures for diseases.

He knew he had a gift and how to use it, but he didn't realize that a group called Xenogenesis Laboratories was after him.The only way Xenogenesis Laboratories knew of Charlie was through the scientific conventions, but they kept an eye on him when he was looking over Cyrus’s work on the internet. Most of Cyrus’s work was released over the internet for scientist’s to join him, but Charlie just found it as interesting work and released his own work, wanting Cyrus’s approval. This was how the two go to know each other and how XL got to know Charlie.

When he and his sister, Akira, were captured, he figured why he was there and what was going to happen to him if he didn't cooperate, but he knew not to give away what he knew, which was only a little bit of information of DNA splicing. During this time of torture, he met Sebastian Levfrere, his roommate that was also held against his will by XL. He learned Sebastian's life, what truly happened to his brother and how Sebastian's body had a lack of blood; that Sebastian was anemic. All this time, he was paying attention to what happened to Sebastian and what was happening to himself, which was being turned into a werewolf. He knew about the microchip beforehand, as he had overheard scientists with his acute hearing. Right before the microchip for his brain that was to erase his memories, more like hide, away, he escaped in the moment with the werewolf skills he acquired. He also stole all of the information that he needed to help those who were captured by XL and what truly started the program. While also escaping, he implanted a memory into Akira's microchip, as she was going under surgery as well. Knowing how the brain worked, he was able to tamper with a memory of Akira's that insured that she would find him and that would be his phone number when he moved to Germany, having already most of this planned out. He planned to know everything about XL, no matter the stakes, even with Akira being left behind. He knew that she was strong enough to endure the procedures being made to her body.

Once he got to Germany, he secretly hid himself away from the XL base there, accessing the information he stole constantly, learning about Cyrus's true meaning behind the program and what had happened to his family, learning that both Cyrus and Griffin were alive. This rose alert in all of XL and eventually, Charlie was captured again when he was twenty and the information he had gained was destroyed. The only thing they didn't know is that all of this information was already memorized by Charlie and even more information on how to remove the microchips and how to fix every person modified by XL.

The woman scientist who constantly kept an eye on him at night noticed his gift, for he talked in his sleep and left information exit his mind. She didn't want that to be destroyed by XL so she slowly helped him gain strength and rejuvenate his vitamins in his body, and feed him more. At some point, the scientists made a mistake on modifying his eyes and made them slightly distorted from original eyes. They both planned an escape one day and planned to destroy the building that they resided in, so they set it on fire and there isn't an XL in Munich, Germany anymore to this day.

Since then, Charlie has operated on himself with the help of his fiancée, and gotten all of the extra appendages off of him and continues to make experiments on himself. Recently, his fiancé has operated on him and gotten his microchip out of his brain and destroyed it.

Now, his sister, Akira searches for him, for he has disappeared off the XL map and thinks he is dead, when he is merely waiting.