Blindloverr713's New Character, Clarissa!

[√] I understand, you have my permission. I wish to join the club.

Character's Full Name: Clarissa Mia Evans

Pronunciation: Klaire-Iss-Ah / Mee-Uh / Ev-Uns

Species: Witch.

Abilities: Normal Witch powers (I.E spell casting, potion making), Weather manipulation (with her powers still developing, her emotions influence the weather more than her actions), Healing (able to heal herself and others though she cannot heal major wounds) and Telekinesis (Ability to manipulate and control objects with the mind).

Age: Seventeen years old, though she has a wisdom beyond her years.

Height: Five feet seven inches.

Hair: A very dark brown that reveals red undertones in the light. It ends around her waist.

Eye Color(s): Crystal blue eyes.

Skin Color(s) A very pale skin colour, due to her lack of exposure to the sun.

Personality: Claire was a loner having always stuck to herself and being very mysterious, always by herself. She's very stubborn in her choices. She always at first kept her innermost thoughts to herself never expressing herself until after. She has shown to have strong and flat out vicious jealousy when provoked. She, despite her usual non-physical personality, has shown to become physical if put under enough stress and anger and if so at a certain individual. She will fight verbally and physically if she has to. Her default personality is timid, shy, withdrawn and paranoid. Claire hates physical interaction and will avoid it at all costs. She thinks of herself as very boring, flat and not pretty. She, when being around close friends and family, has a funny, witty, kind, caring and social side, though most never see it. Claire will stutter when speaking to someone until she starts to feel comfortable around them.

Looks: She has a single piercing in both of her ears but no birthmarks, scars or tattoo’s.

Appearance: To a complete stranger, Claire looks like a small, fragile flower. Everyone simply assumes that’s she innocent and ‘easy’. With red brown hair, blue eyes and pale skin, she is often described as breathtaking and beautiful. Anyone would instantly notice her flawless skin and delicate frame.

Outfit/Style: Claire tends to wear anything that she find comfortable, like oversized sweaters, long sleeved shirts that she can hold with her hands, sweats and dresses. She wears more light colours than dark colours but she probably has a dark grey shirt of two in her closet somewhere.

Likes: Comfort, knowing where she is, the sound of rain, the sound of thunderstorms, feeling cold, being barefoot, hot chocolate with whipped cream and the smell of old books.

Dislikes: Being hot, spiders, the unknown, Twilight, power and being yelled at.

Strengths: Defensive spells, caring for others and being discreet.

Weaknesses: Fighting, physical contact and talking.

Fears: The unknown, spiders, death and losing her family.

Relationships: While having a generally good relationship with her family, Claire has never talked to anyone else, though she can assume she would be very timid and shy around them. Around boys, she’d probably blush and stutter.

Family: Claire is very close with her family, having been with them 24/7 since she was born. Though she will have fights with them about little things, one of the biggest topics of their fights is why she can’t go outside.

History: Imagine being stuck in a house with your family and not allowed to have any contact with anyone else. Since the day Claire was born in London, England, she was bound to her house and not allowed outside. Her mother insisted on keeping her safe, away from others who wouldn’t understand what she was. She was trained in her powers and secluded from the rest of the world. She always wanted to go outside, to see the world.