Binzisaninjainpjs's Character, Luna!

Character's Full Name: Luna Aki Gwyneth
Pronunciation: (If not obvious)it is how it looks
Species: (Has to be some sort of Mythological Creature. Hybrids and Aliens are allowed. Nothing copyrighted!)witch
Abilities: (What unique powers do they have to contribute?)Magic, psychic, mind reader, martial arts skills, and has influence of the elements
Age: (Their true age and the age they appear to be.)Physical age:16. true age: 176
Height:5 feet three inches
Hair:Gold with streaks of orange and red
Eye Color(s):Base color is purple with streaks of blue and green
Skin Color(s) (Don't be afraid to get creative with this!)pale white
Personality:bubbly, calm, loves babies, outgoing, strange
Looks: (This would include piercings, tattoos, scars, and markings, like birth marks)Large purple scar that twist along the palm of her hand and wrist
Appearance: (What they look like to a stranger.)strange, outsider
Outfit/Style:Violet Long V neck dress that has sleeves. on the dress it has gold magic rune embroidery woven in to the edges.
Likes:roses, rainbows, little kids, talking, magic, and unscrambling runes
Dislikes:math, hypocrites, silence, meanies, and death
Strengths:she has a strong mind and body and when she has a challenge set before her she strives to reach it
Weaknesses:she does not know when to call it quicks and say its over
Fears:that she is not good enough
***Relationships: (How do they react to people in general? You may also list any specific relationship ties here.)people person, social butterfly
***Family:Her parents were taken away from her in the holocaust. the last she saw them they were in cattle cars heading to the concetration camps in poland where she was able to escape.
***History:In most relations she is considered a gypsy. also she is nomadic and travels around the world