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Character's Full Name: Ravan Lagunov

Pronunciation: Rah-van (not Raven)Lag-UN-ov

Species: Pyroead (aka. fire nymph)

Abilities: He can create fire and is immune to fire/burns

Age: 278 (he looks 20)

Height: 6'4"

Hair: Jet black, goes down past his jaw and flicks out a bit. Sometimes he makes the tips burn so it looks like coals in a fire.

Eye Color(s): Bright red

Skin Color(s): His feet and hands are black and the skin gets paler and slightly redder the further away from the hands and feet it is.

Personality: Ravan is very reserved and quite, when he does speak it's usually to say something rude or sarcastic and occasionally useful. He has a big ego but doesn't like showing off,, he thinks he doesn't need to prove that he's better than everyone. Ravan has a bad temper and once he's mad it's almost impossible to calm him down.

Looks: He's thin and not very muscular. He has two lip rings on his bottom lip, his earlobes are stretched and he likes to just stick anything that's big enough in them, usually buttons. He also has a tattoo of a pheonix on his back.

Appearance: He has a hard, sharp face that many would consider handsome, but he tends to always have a scowl on his face and isn't very approachable. From a distance he looks scary and dangerous.

Outfit/Style: He likes wearing wifebeaters or pull over hoodies. He wears cargo pants and sneakers, all his clothes are dark. He also wears black leather gloves to cover his hands and a piece of coal tied to a string around his neck.

Likes: Sunny days or clear nights, lighting, picking fights, smoking, pissing people off, listening to music and explosions.

Dislikes: Water, people who get in his personal space, annoying people, reading and sushi.

Strengths: Ravan doesn't have any physical strengths, but other than his Pyroead abilities, he's very smart and can make explosives and is good at strategics.

Weaknesses: Ravan's temper and his ego are his two biggest weaknesses, he's gotten into more than a few fights he couldn't win. Water is also a problem, if he gets to wet he can't conjure fire. He is also dyslexic and considers it his biggest weakness, but it barely effects him normally. He just gets embarrassed about it.

Fears: His biggest fear is water, he really starts to panic if he can't make fire since he relies on it so much. He's also afraid that someone will find out about his dyslexia.

***Relationships: Ravan doesn't do well with relationships of any kind, he's a bit of a loner and tries to stay away from getting close to people. When he does get close to someone he can be very protective.

***Family: None (he can't remember his past but he really doesn't have any living family)

***History: Ravan can't remember any events from his past, he woke up one day and simply couldn't remember. He still knew basic facts about who he was, where he lived and things like that, but any friends, family or things that had happened to him were forgotten. He's lived in Russia all his life and has a strong Russian accent. Ravan has dreams or visions about his past occasionally, but they mean almost nothing to him now.

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