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[√] I understand, you have my permission. I wish to join the club.

Character's Full Name: Bridgette Pansy Grayson

Pronunciation: Brijj-eht Pan-zee Gray-sahn

Species: Angel (But like a legit species, with angel parents and stuff)

Abilities: She has wings, so she can fly. She is also able to heal herself.

Age: She is 17 and also appears to be 17

Height: 5 foot 8 inches

Hair: Light brown and straight. She parts her bangs to the side and keeps it in a high bun.

Eye Color(s): Dark brown. Her eyes are almond shaped and average sized.

Skin Color(s): Light caucasian. She spends all day in her bedroom.

Personality: She has an obsessive personality. She is a total fangirl (especially for yaoi/slash pairings) but she keeps it a secret. She has social anxiety, is an introvert, and therefore feels awkward and uncomfortable around new people. Small groups are easier to deal with, but large groups give her a lot of trouble.

Looks: Bridgette has more of an oval shaped face and a few moles in various places on her body. The few scars she has are small, not generally visible, and from odd accidents during childhood. She is of average build with average sized hands and feet for her height. Her bust is size 36 C. Her wings are completely white. They are large enough to support her body in flight, but small enough to hide. They just kind of grow out of her back.

Appearance: To the casual observer she appears to be just a regular teenage girl, albeit a quiet, awkward one. She's kind of pretty, but there's nothing truly remarkable about her unless you've seen her wings.

Outfit/Style: She wears a dark blue pullover hoodie without a logo, dark bootcut jeans, and red converse. She normally doesn't bother with accessories, but wears a white watch.

Likes: Slash/yaoi, gay people (as a result), apple juice, the website "tumblr", the Internet, fanfiction, and her fandoms. Also cats.

Dislikes: Obvious grammar issues in fics, grapefruit, close-minded people, and people who don't like cats.

Strengths: She might tell you that she's SUPER good at writing fanfiction. She's not. It's okay. She heals herself automatically, though! And she flies!

Weaknesses: She has never been in a combat situation before. Or been subjected to any creatures other than angels or humans. Or told anyone that she's an angel. Basically she has no idea what's going on or how to fight. Physical exercise has never really been her thing.

Fears: Spiders, snakes, the thing that chases you when you turn the light off, the thing that tries to grab you as you jump on the bed, and college.

Relationships: She hasn't had a lot of boyfriends. She mostly just devotes herself to the Internet and her fan pairings, but if anyone is really interested she might show interest back.

Family: Her mother and father are pretty good, average parents. They are both angels, and they provide well for their family. Her mother is a guidance counselor and her father works in retail. She has a little brother named Austin (also born an angel).

History: Bridgette Grayson is a failure of an angel. Everybody in her family is able to hide their wings, but Bridgette has to strap hers to her back underneath her clothes.It's very uncomfortable. She doesn't like having to shift around at school all day, either; people start to ask questions. Not to mention that she has never been able to heal anyone but herself since she was born. It's like her angel powers are stunted or something.

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