Nai~Hina - Here with me

Here with me,

My hands were warm as my brother held them tightly. The weather was freezing, I wrapped my thick cardigan tighter. All of a sudden it began to snow. White petals falling from pearly clouds of candy floss, it was more beautiful than I had ever seen before. Like diamonds falling from the heavens. My bare feet crunched through the snow sending shivers through my china body. Jack noticed this and he scooped me up into his arms. Together we walked through the blur of white, the silent breeze was all that could be heard. The Magnificat scene made me smile with joy, but my bitter memories pierced my heart. I wanted to cry but it was impossible.Angrily I clawed at my eyes desperately trying to make them cry. Nothing would work.

Jack held my hand gently, stopping me from hurting myself. I looked up at him, my glass eye scratched and bleeding.

"Does blood count as tears? Does it brother?" I laughed manically, I had never realised how much I needed the MCC. It was my family. Blood streamed down my china skin standing it red.

All of a sudden I remembered a story the assistant in the lab told me once. The story of the Jellyfish Princess.

Once upon a time there was a jellyfish who lived in a aquarium. She was incredibly beautiful but none of the humans could see that. At midnight she would turn into a young girl, with silky white hair as thin as tentacles and a dress made of white lace. However Nobody ever saw her in this form.

One day a young orphan boy came to visit the aquarium, having no where to sleep he rested nearby a jellyfish tank. All of a sudden, when
the clock stricken 12, he saw a glowing light. And the jellyfish turned into a beautiful young girl. He fell in love, but after one hour she turned back into her true form. But the boy didn't care, he loved the jellyfish princess for who she really was. A jellyfish.
He saw past her tentacles and fell in love with what was inside, he accepted her and the jellyfish loved him for just that.

As I recalled that story, I realise my dream. I want someone to see past my china skin. Even in I will stay like this forever. I jumped out of Jacks arms onto the pavement. I began to run, run faraway from him, from my past.

He yelled out to me but I couldn't hear him. My cold feet dashed past humans as they stared at me. My hair fluttered in the wind as I wretched off my coat, hat and scarf. It felt good to be alive. I ran through the streets of America, waiting for that one person to except me. I shut my eyes in happiness, I was a runaway and I loved it that way. I would forget my past and my future, I just wanted to live in the present. I bumped into a blonde haired boy, I turned to face him and he seemed familiar, like somebody in a memory. It was so nostalgic that I wanted to see his face, I reached out but he had gone.

Gently I laughed to myself, Putting my hands in the pockets of my lacy white dress. I knew that one day I would remember his name, find out who he really was and why I couldn't remember him. But right now it didn't matter, I just wanted to live. To find my home and my true form.

Wondering the streets of America I was so lost, but I knew one day I would find it again.

The place for used toys.

The MCC.

My home.