It was almost the new year and I had finally been able to experience Christmas again. The last Christmas I remember was when I was fifteen. Everything's a blur after that. I only remember that day clearly because I accidentally fell down a well trying to take a walk in the country. We were visiting my relatives in the country and I wanted to get some fresh air.

I'd only hear about New Year's Eve from a few at the circus. I'd overhear them talking in the dressing rooms. I've always wanted to go to New York City. If I ran really fast, I'm sure I could make it there, but I'm sure I wouldn't be allowed out of the house for long. I don't want someone to kidnap me.

I was still getting used to the whole human/vampire thing. I'd been trying to control when I change back and forth. I can finally enjoy real food again. I ran out of blood boxes awhile ago so I was basically starving for awhile. I don't like hurting the poor animals. I was definitely not feeding off humans ever again. It's too weird.

I checked my phone for any messages. My few circus acquaintances always send me videos of the human acts. I miss the circus, but it was time for a change.

"YES!" I accidentally shouted out loud.
"Are you okay in there?" Akira poked her head in my room. I slapped my hand over my mouth and tried to laugh it off.
"I'm fine. I was just talking to myself." I cleared my throat. "What brings you down here?"
"Okay. I was just making sure you didn't get proposed to or something." She teased. I narrowed my eyes slightly. "I'm just seeing if anyone needs anything."

Akira? Asking if we need anything? She's in a good mood? I'm curious...hehehe
"No, I'm good. Thanks." I said.
"Okay, see you around!" She waved her hand up and continued down the hall. I scurried to the door and peeped my head out, looking both ways. Darn, she was already gone. I spotted a familiar red head bobbing down the hallway. I shut my door and slid down the hall in my socks. Brings out the kid in all of us.

"Violett!" I found myself yelling. Did I just yell? What's gotten into me?
Violett nearly jumped out of her skin. I thought she was about to have a heart attack.
"I am so sorry!" I apologized. "Didn't mean to scare you."
"Oh, my poor heart!" She exaggerated. "I was about to make cupcakes, wanna help?"
"Cupcakes?" I asked. I started imagining cupcakes of all kinds in my head.
She nodded.
"You know how to make them?"
"Sureee." I figured out should help out for the sake of everyone's health.
"Sounds fun!" I smiled. "I haven't baked in awhile."
"Then let's go!" Violett said rushing me down the hall. I've been craving sweets for a week. How'd she know?

When we got down to the kitchen, Violett started pulling out all the ingredients. I actually had no clue how to make cupcakes so we were on our own. But then I remembered I have a phone with internet! "YES!" I cheered to myself.
Akira chose that time to walk by again. She shook her head.
"I'm not crazy." I said defensively. I pulled up Google and began to look for cupcake recipes. "I found a recipe."
"Yay! I'll start mixing the ingredients and you start up the stove and get the measuring spoons."
"Okay!" I agreed. I handed Violett my phone as she grabbed a measuring cup from the cabinet. I walked over to the stove and clapped my hands together.
"What is this foreign device?" I asked. "I'd never used an electric stove before. I tried pressing some of the buttons. The small screen began to beep. I opened up the oven door to find it stone cold.
Sighing, I shut the door back. "Do you know how to use a stove?"
Violett looked over at me like I'd asked her what planet we were on.
"I'm old, remember?" I said. A look of shock suddenly crossed my face. Wouldn't my age slowly begin to catch up to me? Nah, I'm still half vampire so I should be fine. Right? I cleared my throat.
"I'll measure." I took over the measuring cup and she went to set up the stove.

If I'm lucky, I won't burn anything.

About an hour later, the cupcakes were ready to go. The sweet smell wafted through the kitchen. I smiled to myself.
"Yay!" I was somewhat overjoyed. "Where's the icing?"
"Here!" She handed me a bag full of icing with a nozzle on the end.
"Huh?" My eyes widened. I looked around. "What's this?"
"You have to squirt it on the cupcake. Try it!" She walked over to the counter and stood next to me as I prepared myself.
I held the icing out over one of the cupcakes. My hands were shaking. One mess up and the cupcake isn't cute anymore.
"You can do it, Alice!" Violett said trying to hurry me along.
"Yeah!" I tried to squeeze the bag some more and it finally starting pouring out.
"Now swirl it around, hurry!" The icing was about to pile up in the middle of the cupcake so I moved it around to cover the rest. I slowly got the hang of it and just as I was becoming a cupcake master, Violett took over. I was handed the job of putting sprinkles on top. I really wanted to taste test right about now.

"Are those cupcakes?" Karin asked popping up into the kitchen.
"Yes, yes they are." I said. At least they were recognizable. "Want one?"
"Of course!" I handed her a cupcake on a small plate and awaited the critique.
"Why are you staring at me?" Karin asked.
"I'm waiting." Please let the be no eggshells! No eggshells! "NO-" I caught myself. "Nooo-nothing's better than these cupcakes." I let out a sigh of relief. If I kept talking out loud, I'm sure the club would send me to a psychiatrist.
"It's good." Karin smiled between bites.
"Thanks!" Violett said.
I'm so proud of myself. In the kitchen again. Making my way through the 21st century. I laughed and picked up a cupcake. This is pretty good.
"I'll be back!" I said to Violett. I wanted to take a short walk. I'd been in the same spot for awhile. I walked down the hall peering into some of the rooms. I noticed one had a piano in it so I scooted in to sit down.
My father used to play the piano when we were too stubborn to go to bed. I poked around on a few keys until I remembered a tune he used to play for us. I always wanted to learn but he never had the time to teach me fully. I sat for awhile at the piano thinking. It was so long ago but I can remember mostly everything so vividly.

My head had begun to hurt and I tried massaging it but it wouldn't go away. I held my head in my hands and tried to see if it would pass. The pain was almost unbearable. I staggered up from the bench to see if I could make it back to my room. I tried to switch back over to my vampire side but it wasn't working. The last thing I remembered was falling over onto the floor drifting into unconsciousness.