The Darkness of a Past


I’m not used to going on dates. Well, the fact that I had never been on one could make a difference on experience. It was odd, really. Not one man had ever taken an interest in me until now and that was Griffin. It made me wonder why. Why did he have an interest in me, let alone, why did he want to take me on a date?

The question constantly plagued me as we went on our date. We shopped through various places as Griffin took me to the flea market that happened every morning in the middle of town. I couldn’t believe he took me there. It was just so amazing. Not once had I really dared to go here in the morning because of onlookers and scientists who prowled around, looking for good deals on whatever drug they could find. Surprisingly, I found none this morning and I just found us to be lucky.

As I was staring at the meat vendor, who honestly had every meat known to man, Griffin dragged me away with a smirk on his face and a gleam in his eye. He lead me over to a “shady” shop and I looked at Griffin curiously.

“Uh, Griffin, you mind telling me what you’re doing?” I asked him and he looked down at the table of pendants and pointed one out to me.

“I saw something you might like,” Griffin said with a smile and I stared at the wolf pendant for a few minutes. It was probably made silver from what I could tell and there were small gems on the wolf’s feet. It was shining slightly in the morning sunshine and I couldn’t help but stare at it before reaching out with it with wide eyes. I held it in my hands, fingering the description carefully.

“It’s... beautiful.” Before I could say another word, Griffin handed a twenty dollar bill to the man behind the counter and I blushed furiously.


“I thought it suited you well.” Griffin then took the necklace from me and helped me put it on.

“Thank you,” I told Griffin with a pure smile but catching the scent of red roses not far down the aisles made me remember what today truly was and I knew it would ruin everything. “Griffin, I... I have to tell you something. It’s just... I don’t mean to ruin this, but I need you to know.” My smile faltered and my head was bowed. I felt bad for mentioning this but maybe... maybe he could come along.

“Yes?” Griffin’s voice was tight and I could tell he was tense.

“Today’s the anniversary of my father’s passing,” I blurted out, pulling Griffin away from the vendor’s line of hearing. “I... I know it may sound strange... but... I want to visit his grave.” I meant to say with him coming along, whoops...

He nodded solemnly, understanding. It made me feel worse for ruining everything. “But of course. It is not strange at all. I shall let you be.” He started to walk off but I quickly grabbed his arm.

“No, wait.” After taking a deep breath, I loosened my grip. I need to stop demanding so much. “I... I want you to come with me.”

With a sigh of relief, he smiled. “I would be happy to accompany you Show the way, my dear.”

I smiled gratefully as I took his hand and started to lead him towards the cemetery. As we came upon the end of the vendors, I quickly bought a bouquet of red roses, Griffin staying silent and watching me as I did so and headed towards the cemetery gates.

None of it was lit up. It wouldn’t be, since besides the fact that it was turning to night, but also because there wasn’t a reason to illuminate the graves of those who passed. It was in memoriam, not the Day of the Dead.

I slowly lead the way over to my father’s grave, Griffin just watching and looking at the different graves that he passed, seeing the different dates and how they died. I had a feeling he was thinking of Cyrus. The day of his anniversary, I would like to go with Griffin to Greece to pay respects as well.

Once I came upon my father’s grave, I noticed how the grave was cleaned and polished, and that there was a bouquet of roses already there. I wonder who was already here... Not Sebastian, certainly. He couldn’t even step into town without killing humans. Karin didn’t know where his grave resided and the club didn’t even know about my past, except for Griffin.

“Who...” I muttered, but then shook my head.

“You are wondering who could have visited his grave?” I nodded my head towards Griffin as I kneeled down in front of the grave and put my flowers beside the others. I could smell they were fresh too.

“I don’t know anybody else who would come to his grave...” I said quietly and Griffin kneeled beside me and took my hand. Griffin didn’t say anything to the matter as I stared at the words on the grave and the gunshots echoed in my ears, as if it was happening all over again. My wolf ears winced almost in pain as I heard them and I curled my ears inwards towards myself.

“Akira...” Griffin tightened the grip on my hand and I shook my head as I opened my eyes, I finally noticing that I even did so, and tears dripped down my face.

“It’s... fine,” My voice cracked and Griffin got behind me and held me from behind, giving me a warm embrace. I stared at the words on the grave. It said:



A loving father and a protector to all those

who needed him

“Hey, Dad,” I said with a smile as I wiped the tears away from my face. “I’ve done a lot in the past year. I’ve started a club for the sanctuary of all mythological creatures so that we can all live in peace and it’s a lot of fun. I found your notes though about Xenogenesis Laboratories-” A sudden pain hit the back of my head once I said that name and my vision went fuzzy for a few seconds before returning to normal. That was... weird. I took a deep breath before continuing. “-and I think I’m starting to discover why they really exist. I’ve been gathering information from everybody all over the world about their experiences with them and I think, soon enough, I’ll find out who they really are, like you almost did,” I smiled and fresh tears started to come down my face.

“I’ve finally made friends too, besides Karin and Sebastian. It’s nice finally having friends and the house being filled with them instead of it always being empty in the house like it was. I haven’t heard from Charlie, though I have a feeling something’s bad going to happen soon and I feel like I should contact him...” I left off, thinking about Charlie for a moment. How I missed him. Why haven’t I contacted him before thinking of him only now?

“This is Griffin, Dad,” I said with a smile as I turned around and looked at Griffin. “He’s one of the people I’ve met along the way to join the club. He’s kind of... special to me. He’s helped me through a lot of problems and thanks to him, I’ve been wanting to make myself better. To make myself not so demanding,” I blushed wildly as I looked at Griffin and he blushed and I looked back at Dad’s grave.

“I wish you were alive to meet him, Dad. I wish you could help me with this problem. I wish...” I closed my eyes and more tears came from my eyes. I could hear the gunshots again and I covered my ears and my quills slightly spiked out of my skin. I wanted to stop hearing them. I just wanted to them to stop...

“Akira.” Griffin’s grip tightened around me. I forgot about his scales and how he didn’t get hurt by them. I always kept on forgetting that.

“Let’s go. I can’t be here anymore,” I sniffled and Griffin helped me up with a nod as I looked at Dad’s grave again.

“I love you, Dad,” I muttered quietly as Griffin took me away from the grave and we slowly made our way out of the graveyard.

Out of the corner of my eye, not too far off, I could see someone under a tree watching and I wondered who it was. There wasn’t a scent of a scientist. Just a regular human. My eyes was stuck on the human until we made our way out of my past and into the city.

Was that...?


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