Mirror, Mirror

I stretched out as I awoke and went through my daily routine of squinting, getting out of bed, and brushing my hair. I walked over to my vanity and stood in front of the mirror to brush my hair when I noticed my reflection in the mirror. I pushed my face closer to the mirror to make sure my eyes were right. I poked my cheek and watched my reflection follow me. Since when can I see myself? And why am I tired. Hmm. I finished brushing my hair, relieved I could actually see what I was doing and got dressed into a t-shirt and jeans. I grabbed my phone and headed downstairs for breakfast.
After I ate in the noisy kitchen, I retreated to the backyard for some fresh air when I noticed the sun wasn’t bothering me. That’s weird. I stepped out into the light and it didn’t burn me at all. Maybe I had left a little sunblock on from yesterday or something. I stepped outside further and spun around staring up at the sun. Strange, but I felt human again for once. I plopped down under a shady tree and checked my text messages. I had about thirty missed texts and calls from Alex. Hmm, weird, I don’t remember hearing the phone ring. I looked through a few of them and they all consisted of, “Why aren’t you answering? Are you okay? Do you need help? Are you dead? I couldn’t find your will anywhere, so yeah… Hello? Text me back as soon as you get this!” I guess I better text back before they hold a funeral for me. I created a new message. “I’m quite alive. I guess my phone wasn’t getting service. Sorry. And I don’t have a will!” I closed my phone and slid it back in my pocket.
Whatever was going on, I liked it. The question was, “How long will it last?”
“Will what last?” Kateri popped up from behind the tree I was sitting against and nearly gave me a heart attack. I put my hand to my chest and could feel a heartbeat. I startled me at first.
“Is it possible for a vampire to become human again?” I asked her very confused.
“Not that I know of, why?” She swung around in front of me.
“I think I just did.”

I’m extremely tired so I’ll finish this some other time. I’ve been so busy with school I haven’t had time to write and decided to get something in real quick. I’ve been reading all the posts though during class and stuff. So yeah, Alice can switch between vampire and human now but she doesn’t know she can control it yet.