I felt so tired, exhausted, out of order. I remembered fighting everybody, being forced to hurt my friends. I remember Griffin being knocked out in the middle of the room by Dante but I remember defeating mostly everybody in the club. Afterwards, the collar around my neck shocked me with so much electricity that my neck start to bleed and I passed out.

Now I was laying on a different operating table than usual. There wasn't any blood on this one, and Griffin wasn't right beside me. I started to panic. Where was he? What had Hiraku done with him?

I struggled against my restraints, trying to get out to go find Griffin no matter how tired I was, until the moment the door clicked open and in walked Hiraku. He had something in his hand, something silver. It looked a headband. As he walked over to me, a little girl trailed behind him, looking like his assistant.

She looked like his daughter.

I growled loudly enough for it to echo the room to freak out, and she jumped so high, she almost hit the ceiling. Hiraku didn't pay attention to her, though. He just smiled at me as he sat beside me, taking my tail with his hands and started to stroke it.

"So perfect. I made you perfect. You defeated everyone. But now..." Hiraku sighed, looking almost... upset, but that was too human for this man. "I have to let you go, my sweet werewolf."

"Just what do you mean by that?" I growled, and he sighed as he stood up and put the metal headband on my head.

"This is the next stage. We have to release all of you to test your new skills, but I tried to keep you. They denied me my request," Hiraku growled, almost sounding like a werewolf himself. After all, he was a monster.

"You will forget everything. You will not remember me. Goodnight, my sweet werewolf."

I howled in pain as Hiraku shot something into my neck, probably a sedative, and I immediately felt drowsy. My head started to get warm from the headband, and suddenly, everything started to fade.

The experimentation.

The screams.

The torture.

A boy with blond hair.

And what I had told Griffin.

I quickly let the darkness overtake me.


The sun shined brightly on my hair and all the pillows surrounding me. It just made me curl up into a ball even more with all of my hair practically covering me. After all, my hair was extremely thick and reached my butt. I grabbed my blankets closer as they got warmer and wrapped them around me and didn’t budge when I heard my door creak open.

There were silent footsteps and almost unrecognizable, but it was easy for me to detect who it was. I decided not to turn around and cuddle further into my blankets.

"Akira... Come, you need to wake up. We need to make breakfast for everybody today." His hand rested on my back and started to shake me a little to wake up. I shook my head in response and dug myself deeper into my blankets.

“Akira, come on.” There was a slight chuckle in his voice this time. “Must I really search through that hair of yours to find you?” I felt his hands start to go through my hair until he found my face, and I turned and looked at him.


He seemed tired, a bit worn out. Probably from the alcohol last night, and I didn’t even remember how drunk I was last night. Or last night in general. I had a splitting headache, and my body ached beyond belief.

Griffin was smiling though, just slightly. I could hear his stomach growl as he stood there looking at me, as did mine. It hurt exponentially, and I had no idea why. My stomach didn’t normally hurt this much after drinking...

“Mind helping me up then? My head really hurts,” I told him with a small smile and he sighed, bent down, and helped me up. I almost stumbled and Griffin caught me, staring at me, concerned.

“Are you still out of it from last night?” Griffin asked, and I shook my head.

“No, I’m fine. I just... hurt all over...” Griffin titled his head in confusion. “I don’t know. Don’t worry about it,” I told him and he narrowed his eyes and I could tell from that that was him saying no. I thought he’d stay by my side all day, ignoring my porcupine quills completely.

We both headed downstairs after he let me get dressed in a long sleeved, red shirt and black pants. Griffin held one of my hands as we headed downstairs, where there wasn’t anybody for once. We headed to the kitchen, which seemed to have gathered a bit of dust.

Odd. I thought I’d just cleaned it yesterday.

“What would you like this morning?” Griffin asked, and I shrugged. Something told me not to have crepes, which was Griffin’s speciality. I thought of something else instead. “How about chocolate chip pancakes?” I asked him and he smiled.

“Alright,” Griffin said, and he started on the food while I started to get out food. All of it seemed to be going bad so I threw everything on the table, which was practically the whole refrigerator. Violett came down and started to help Griffin with breakfast, her doing the crepes instead, telling him to take a break so that Locke and her could make breakfast for everybody. He and I actually got to eat for once.

Everybody started to head down, including Sebastian, who did not look like he was in a good mood. He probably hadn’t fed on a human in a while, knowing him and Dante’s deal, which started a few days ago when Sebastian came back.I couldn’t believe how bad Sebastian’d became. One of his eyes was red now, the other still electric green, and there was just plain darkness all around his eyes. He was paler, and his brown hair was longer.

Once everybody started to eat, Violett started to do Gangam Style and Kuroshiro came bursting downstairs, demanding about alcohol and where it was. We explained how there was only my favorite kind in the house and how he should’ve been downstairs last night while he was human. People were talking about having a Halloween party at the same time, and Kuroshiro left for a bar, thankfully with his own money.

The rest of the day went slowly. I was in pain all day, and Griffin knew it. I helped everybody out with cleaning, and Griffin took me to the store to go and get food for everybody. Even in the store, I was having problems, and when I finally fell forward from my knee giving out, Griffin caught me, looking at me immediately afterwards. Both of our cheeks were completely flushed.

“Mind if I have a look at your knee?” I shook my head as Griffin bent down and pushed up my pant leg. When we both saw my knee, there was a massive bruise. I didn’t remember getting that. When I moved my left wrist down to my knee, I winced in pain from just moving my wrist. I moved my sleeve and saw another massive bruise on my wrist.

“Okay, that is final. I am going to take care of your for the rest of the day, no matter your objections,” Griffin said firmly as he helped me up and made me put my arm around him.

I tried objecting, but he made sure I couldn’t reply as we got the rest of the items and he drove home instead of me. He got all of the groceries out of the truck before picking me up and bringing me inside with everybody staring. I blushed furiously as he put me down on one of the couches near the kitchen, and immediately put ice on my knee and wrist, which made me wince in pain even more.

“You are going to rest here all day and I will take care of the club. Okay?” Griffin asked and I just nodded, knowing not to protest as I laid there on the couch with a small pillow behind my head and watched as the day went by, Griffin being off around the house and people walking by, giving me sympathetic looks or slightly chuckling. Griffin on and off changed the ice packs on my leg and wrist, making me wince each time.

Sitting around all day made me remember one thing as I looked at the calendar at a moment’s glance. It was the anniversary tomorrow... I didn’t realize it had come that quickly. I would have to sneak out tomorrow to go. Well, if Griffin didn’t catch me first.

As dinner rolled around, Griffin gave me soup as everybody sat behind me at the table. It was a little quiet, I suppose, and lonely since nobody was over here with me, but wasn’t that how it always was? Being alone? Everybody seemed to be having a good time without me there at the table. Everybody seemed to be relaxed from a distance and happy being around all of the members finally. What if I just... I don’t know, left everybody alone? Would it make things better?

I seemed lost in my thoughts as everybody went back upstairs to go to bed afterwards, except for Griffin. He came to say goodnight to me, and that was pretty much it. I gave him a sympathetic smile and he left, turning off the lights as he headed upstairs. As I heard him move up the stairs, I stared out the window, out at the pool and the stars. Small tears came to my eyes and I had a feeling Griffin was watching me with the moonlight hitting my face. I sniffled, wiped the tears from my eyes, and moved slowly under the blanket Griffin had put over me.

I fell asleep thirty minutes later to Griffin finally making his final moves up the stairs.

.:The Next Morning:.

“Akira, wake up.” Not again. I want to sleep. You were the one that placed me here anyways. “Come on, Akira, wake up.” I turned around and groaned. How early was it? It had to be at least seven in the morning. I never woke up this early. I turned around, the ice packs falling off me and I opened my eyes to find slow sunshine coming up in the windows and Griffin kneeling right beside me. He was dressed to go out somewhere. Where, I wonder?

“What?” I groaned and he smiled.

“Come on. I will bring you up to your room to get ready. We’re going somewhere.” My eyebrows raised.

“Where?” I asked in the middle of a yawn.

“On a date.”

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!! Finally posted! :D Yes, Griffin and Akira are going on a date... but where? :D And who's anniversary was it? Hehe~