Kaki Quinn- Fluttering

Kaki Quinn- Fluttering

It was the day after Halloween, My heart was fluttering. I suppose it was usual at this age, people have boyfriends and you start seeing couples everywhere.
The simple answer was, I'm in love....

I didn't know who with or why but this constant fluttering in my heart must be that emotion. As I got out of bed, my hearts burnt with an unbearable pain. All of them and that was millions. My vision was blurred and my feet were unstable. I slipped and hit my head on the side of the table. Cold blood trickled out and I felt alone.. So, so alone... I didn't want to be alone, it was too lonely and painful for my hearts. Would I die here? Before I could fall in love? I didn't want that to happen.

Then it all went black...

I woke up in a white hospital room to see Nai-Hina sleeping on the chair next to me. It was a shame that she was the only one that bothered to come. It was hard to breath as I was hooked up to a large machine. A doctor across the room looked worried. Nai soon woke up to take my hand smiling.

"It's all going to be fine!" She said in a cheery tone, in the back ground the nurse shook her head. The doctor walked over and flicked a switch. Volts of electricity filled my body and I screamed. It was like I was on fire. The pain continued for 2 minutes minimum. By the end of it my hair was singed and my eyes were red and sore. I leaned over the bed to find my health report and a letter.

The letter read:

Dear Kaki,

Get better soon!

All the beast,
The mcc :)

It made me feel warm, like I was alive for once. I flicked through the report which stated that I had ventricular fibrillation which meant that I would have to have an two minute shock every week. They didn't know I was a vampire so I wouldn't die, but at least the pain was over...

But most of all I was glad that I had friends, for once in my life...