Halloween Party!

I was in a cage looking upon all my fellow friends, they were all there but it seemed like someone was missing. All of a sudden they all disappeared. Grabbing at the bars I tried to break them but I couldn’t. Tears feel from my eyes and all of a sudden my body felt cold. I looked up to see a boy with messy blonde hair and electric blue eyes. I couldn’t remember his name, it had felt like it had been removed from my mind. In his hand there was a key. It was the same blood red as the lock on the prison. He was smiling but it wasn’t a kind smile, it looked painful, sad and regretful. I took his hand and smiled at him. Glaring at me he walked off leaving the key were I couldn’t reach.
And finally I was alone…

I woke up in my bed. My head was pounding and it hurt slightly. It was Halloween, my favorite time of year but I didn’t feel excited. I couldn’t forget that sad boy in my dream. He was probably a dear friend from my past. That was it. The slick sheets were all on the floor in result of a nightmare I had. I got up and reached into the cupboard taking out an orange Lolita style top and puffy skirt. It was styled like a pumpkin. I went down stairs to find violet cooking breakfast. It had just occurred to me that I had probably put my costume on to early, but I didn’t care. Suddenly a great idea popped into my head. How about I organize a Halloween party! I ran off to a box in my bedroom to get lots of decorations and pins to stick them up with. I ran around the massive house humming this is Halloween in my head as I did so. Skeletons lined the walls along with pumpkin heads and other stuff that I thought would be scary. Kaki was walking down the corridor and she spotted me.

“Want some help Nai?” I nodded at her smiling. She seemed different from before but I preferred her that way. Being sulky and surly didn’t really suit her. When I looked at her properly she was quite beautiful. Her long black hair was silky and her lips were a beautiful apple red stitched with black thread. I was glad that she wanted to help. Kaki and I ran down the corridors with black streamers. Dark colors lined the walls as we threw black ribbon and orange glitter all over the place. After the decoration was done I went into the kitchen which was now empty. Kaki stood by my side watching me. I opened the freezer to find a tub of ice cream. I got a rectangular tin out and started to make an Oreo ice cream cake. Kaki saw what I was doing and started baking chocolate, caramel and salt biscuits.

When all the baking was finished we cut out pumpkins from orange card and wrote invitations on them. I stuck them on all of the member’s doors waiting in hope that they would join us to celebrate Halloween in the dining room. I sat down dressed as a pumpkin and Kaki, who was sitting next to me, was dressed as jack the ripper. The clock ticked as eerie music echoed down the hall. Finally the clock struck twelve….

This was Halloween!


Sorry this is so short I just wanted to write something fun and short for Halloween! I hope some people write in perspective as if they were at the party!
Have a happy Halloween everybody.