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I shivered in the corner of my fishbowl. My head was aching so bad from not feeding in so long. I shielded my eyes from the blinding beams of the lamp dangling over my head. I'd finally been allowed to stretch my legs from being confined to the lab table. I curled my toes under and rocked myself back and forth to relax my mind. I heard approaching footsteps and casually moved my head up a little above my arms so I could barely look out. The scientist from earlier was standing there smiling once again.
"How was you sleep?"
"Est-ce que tu as l'enfants?" Whenever I am exhausted I revert to my native language. It comforts me. (do you have kids)
"Oui. J'ai un fils et deux filles. Pourquoi?" (yes. I have a son and two daughters. Why?)
"Just wondering." I say folding my arms back over my head.
"It's time for your next test."
"Non, je suis fatigue." (no I am tired)
"Too bad. Good luck to you." As soon as he walked away, the lights turned out and I wanted to scream in happiness. But then I remembered I was afraid of the dark. I peered around my as my sight came in. I caught a glint of something in my right eye. It was a small orange glow. I couldn't tell what it was at first so I crawled over to it slowly. I backed up when I noticed what it was. FIRE! I ran back to the opposite side of the bowl in a split second, slamming against the wall.

The flames soon spread like an infectious disease and danced their way over to me. I envisioned myself as small as an ant. The smoke billowed around me fogging up the glass and become so dense I couldn't see around me. I coughed continuously for a few minutes while I tried to shield my eyes. The fire was nearing closer. I wasn't going to make it out if this one. Surely they were going to kill me off now.

My fingers dug into the glass barely creating a scratch. I felt my knees give way and I sunk down to the ground. The tile was cold. My face was pressed up against the floor as I started at the fire, engulfing my body. The sensation was too painful to feel. I shut my eyes, giving up.

"Interesting." The scientist said. He scribbled something into his notebook. My eyes were closed but I could hear the faint scratch of his pencil across the paper. My head twitched trying to block out the noise. It was really beginning to irritate me.

I let out a low growl, too tired to come up with something to say.
"What's wrong? Lost your spunk?" He teased. I really hated that guy. If we ever got out of here, he was first on my hit list.

I reached my arm out in front of me, still laying on my side. It wasn't burned at all, not even charred. I looked at my legs. They, too, we're normal. What's going on here?

"It was a simulation, if you were wondering." He made his way over to a wall and pressed a red button. A loud, mechanical noise began and the walls of the tank disappeared into the floor. I slowly got up an looked around me. "If you attempt to run, we'll shoot you. Follow me." I nodded and quickly walked over to where he was. Surprisingly, there was a wheelchair waiting for me. "Sit." I sat down in the chair and began wheeling myself behind him. They would make me push myself. Hmph.

His footsteps clacked against the floor reminding me of the sound of my teacher's shoes as she reprimanded a student for forgetting his books. I missed my old school and friends, but there was no way I'd be able to see them again. Every time the circus was in my hometown, I'd visit their graves and my parents'. I hadn't been back in a long time.

We stopped in a small room that looked about the size of my train car. It was narrow and long, with two tables, a desk, and some lab equipment lining the walls. The doctor sat down at the desk and told me to pull up next to it. I did as I was told so I wouldn't have to hear his mouth to make my throbbing head worse.

"What are your hobbies?" I stared at him pondering the question.
"What?" I leaned slightly forward in my chair. I know I didn't hear him wrong.
"You heard me."
"Acrobatics, dancing, I don't know." Maybe I should lie. They might use my answers against me.
"Who was your first victim?"
"Victim?" I repeated again. Where we're these questions coming from?
"I was reading up on your file. It was pretty interesting actually. It said that you killed your doctor at the mental hospital and fled. Quite the violent one, but now, well, I'm a little disappointed. You seem very cowardice to me."
"You take that back! It's only because I was turning. I didn't understand what was going on!"
"Sure." He scribbled something down in his notepad. I reclined back in the chair and awaited the next pointless question.
"You wouldn't happen to have any blood on you, would you?"
His head jerked up at me, "Was that supposed to be a joke? Because it wasn't funny."
"I'm very hungry with a migraine right now, so I would appreciate it if you had a heart for five minutes and went to get me some blood. I can always bite you, whatever works."

He scowled and reached into a drawer next to him, pulling something out. It was me if my blood boxes. My eyes lit up. No way.
"You're my best friend!" I grabbed the box out of his hand before he could stop me and popped he straw in, devouring the box. Oh how I missed bendy straws. "Give me more!"
"Answer my other questions first."
"Fine." I moped placing the empty box in the table. He shivered.
"Why we're you being hunted by other vampires?" He asked.
"I was mad at a few of them for booby trapping my room so I called vampire hunters in them and they thought I had "betrayed the race." I tried to see what he was taking notes on. "Hey, I'm pretty tired."
"Nice try. I'm not done yet." He looked up at me with a serious look on his face, quite different from his goofy smirk, "If you could change between being human an a vampire, would you? It would limit your powers but make you stronger."
"If you give me some more blood, I'll think over it." I leaned my elbow against the desk as he slid another box to me. "Thanks." he awaited my answer. "A little manners? Stop staring!" I turned to my side. I hated having people stare at me. "How would you go about this?"

He turned his clipboard around to show a list of numbers and procedures like I knew what they meant. "I would be performing the surgery. I've always been somewhat intrigued by vampires. Then I would just alter your DNA, creating a balance between your vampire self and your last bit of humanity. It's better that you're still a fairly young vampire. I would've liked you to be younger though." He flipped the page to show a pie chart. " have a fifty percent chance of surviving the surgery."

This is what I had been waiting for. But fifty percent? Well what did I have to lose? When was I going to get another chance? But what if they were just doing this to use my power for themselves? I contemplated the outcomes in my head.

"When do we start?" I ask.


Ok, so this is the end of Alice's lab days. Spoiler alert, she survives the surgery. Lol I've been trying to write this for three hours but I keep playing games on my iPad. I got the sims freeplay. Quite addicting.