In Hiding

So just ignore my post before, I decided to redo it so everything goes along better! I apologize. New post!


I'd been hiding out in the vents for who knows how long before they finally gave way. Should've figured they wouldn't hold my weight for long. The vent crumpled around me and I was dumped heavily onto the ground in a pile of dust and debris. I was definitely going to feel that me in the morning. I didn't feel like moving at all but I tried to lift myself up.
"Stop right there!" Great, they've found me again.
Before I had time to pull out my gas mask, I was knocked unconscious while staring dazily into the eyes of the enemy.

I woke up in a lab table, a bright light shining in my eyes. I moved my hand over my face to shield my eyes as I squinted. I looked down my body and saw I was wearing the stupid hospital gown again. I wish I was back in my cramped train car. I tried to move my legs but saw that I was bolted down this time, inside a tank. Or maybe it was glass? I couldn't tell.

From my laying position I saw a scientist appear from the door behind me, clipboard in hand and a remote in the other. I was afraid of what he was about to do,
"Hello, Alice. Looks like your escape backfired. You should have left while you still had the chance." His voice was nasally as he spoke and he pushed his glasses up in the bridge if his nose. "I'm just here to run a few tests." He smiled, "Have fun!" With that he left the room and I heard a rumbling noise like an engine all around, then the sound if rushing water.

I quickly turned my head as far as it could go and saw water gushing into the bottom if the tank. No, no, no! I kicked my legs trying to break free if the chains but they were too strong. I was going to die again! My eyes darted frantically around the room trying to find a a way out as the water rose higher. It was coming in fast and was already to the table where I lay. I felt a tear streak down my cheek as I started to kick against the chains.
"Let me out!" I screamed at the top if my lungs. "What have I ever done to you?" the water began to pool around my feet, "I know you're there! Answer me!" I relaxed my arms realizing there was no hope if them getting me out so I closed my eyes as the water rushed over me.
Was I dead? I couldn't feel my limbs. I didn't hear any voices. It was finally peaceful-
"Okay, that's the end if the first simulation." I heard someone say over the intercom in a loud voice. Huh?
The water drained around me making a loud sloshing whirlpool as it traveled under the tiled floor. So I was still alive?
The scientist walked back in and peered at me through the tank wall like I was some fish at a museum. "Thank you for participating."
I was starting to feel very lightheaded and nauseous like when I first turned.

"I need blood." I managed to get out. My voice a bit hoarse from all the screaming earlier.
"Oh, you'll get some after we finish all your tests. If we wanted you dead, we'd of killed you already." I gave him my dirtiest stare.
"See you in an hour. Try to calm down some."
Now I have two sets if clothes and my phone I need to get back.