Breaking Out


So, to my dismay, the plan failed. And you want to know where I am? Hehe, well, I better start at the beginning. So after they knocked us out-with the same gas, again-I woke up in an unfamiliar room. I sat up slowly because every inch I moved, my head began to ache even more. I squinted my eyes and propped myself up on my elbows. What in the world just happened?

I was in some sort of cell in a lab. No one else was in the room at the moment. My chance! I remembered faintly of what happened earlier. I’d been put in a cell with Violett for a short time, and then I was moved because they wanted to do some other tests on me. I felt my neck where they had injected something into my system. It was probably something to knock me out. I forcefully stood myself up this time and hobbled over to the bars. Strength, don’t fail me now! I placed either of my hands against the bars and begin to pry them apart, creating a space where I could sneak past. AH! These things were so hard. My hands were becoming bruised and cramping. I finally got them open wide enough to where I could fit through. Freedom, here I come!
And that is why I am now running down the hallway in nothing but a hospital gown. It’s not very flattering. The doors all looked the same to me and I couldn’t tell where the exit was. I had grabbed some saw I found on the table-I wonder what they were going to use that for-, and a gas mask, just to be safe. I looked a mess, but I didn’t really care at this point. I wonder where they were hiding the others. I’m sure they’re locating me at the moment. I’m running too fast for them anyway. I slowed to a walk when I passed a door marked SECURITY. This is what I’ve been meaning to look for. I jiggled the doorknob and to my luck, it was open. As soon as I walked in, I had pinned the two guards down on the floor unconscious. I grabbed a gun one of them had on his hip and his ID card. I looked over to the left wall, which was all covered in monitors. I scanned each one as fast as I could, looking for my friends, until I came to them. Perfect, they were all near each other.

Grabbing a notepad near the monitors, I started to scribble down their room numbers and names. They were all locked up and, for the moment, I couldn’t do anything by myself. I looked at one monitor and saw a group of scientists running down the hallway. They were all wearing white coats and were nearing the Security room. Think fast! I looked around the room and grabbed a walkie-talkie that was on one of the guards. I hope this works. I pressed the button on the side and tried to disguise my voice in a deep tone.
“We’ve located the girl. She’s already on her way back to her cell. We’ve got all sorts of things lined up for her.” I waited for a response, doubting they’d believe I was one of the guards.
“Thanks Johansen. We’re on our way back there.” A woman answered. Then the feed went out. I looked up at the monitor to see that they were looking at each other and shrugging. Then they turned back the way they were coming. I let out a sigh of relief, grabbed a backpack in the corner, and dodged out of the room shutting the door. I threw my supplies in the bag and continued down the hallway. While I was staring at the monitors, I’d found a back exit where I wouldn’t be noticed. I wouldn’t have to worry about the security guards for at least another five minutes. I had more than enough time. Hurrying to the exit, I took a mental picture of the hallways. The exit door sign shone throughout the darkened hallway and I pressed it slowly open, hoping no silent alarm would sound. I disappeared into a nearby parking lot where an XL van was just pulling in.
I looked to my left and right and hid behind a dumpster until the van was fully pulled in. I pulled out the gun and got it ready. As soon as the men got out of the car, I aimed the gun at the one in who was getting out of the passenger seat and fired. It hit him in the chest, not close to his heart, but he still passed out. His colleague looked around and then I fired on him. When they had stopped moving, I ran up to the driver and grabbed the car keys from his hand. His fingers uncurled easily and I hopped in shutting both doors.
I’ll have to come back for everyone else with reinforcements. I can’t save everyone by myself. I put the key into the ignition and started up the van. I’d watch a few people drive before so I tried to remember where to put my hands and where the gas and brake were. I put my right foot down on the pedal and swerved out of the parking spot, leaving skid marks on the asphalt. I wasn’t sure how to back up so at least there were no other cars around. I should’ve dragged the bodies behind the dumpster, but I’m sure someone will find them sooner or later.
I pulled out onto the road, some other cars joining me. I wish I had my phone. When I come back I am finding my phone and clothes. What am I supposed to wear? I suppose I can stop by the house quickly and change. I looked at my wrist and noticed my bracelet was gone too. NO! Not the bracelet. Someone’s gonna pay for that. I scowled and ran the red light so no one would catch up with me. A few angry cars honked as I swerved to miss them in the intersection. How does anyone know where they are going? Where was I going? I tried to think back to how we got here. Let’s see, if I look for a forest sign or something. I drove on for about fifteen minutes until I remembered a road I came down when the taxi driver was dropping me off. Perfect. I turned down the road and kept straight until everything started looking a little more rural. I was driving for another twenty minutes trying to remember the way when the house came into view. I sped in praying that the brakes worked. I stopped so suddenly, I lurched into the steering wheel. This is why they tell you to wear seatbelts. I was in such a rush already. I grabbed the keys and put them into the backpack. I got out the car and began running for the front door. I hadn’t been inside in so long. I shut the door behind me and made my way up the stairs, two at a time. I sped into my room where I grabbed the closest clothes possible which was a gray t-shirt and blue jeans. I brushed my hair quickly and tied it back in a ponytail hoping every hair was pulled back. I got dressed and slid on a pair of black converse. I grabbed a blue hoodie and finished up a blood box I had sitting on the nightstand. It was horrible but hit the spot.
I slung the hospital gown into the trash can and ran back downstairs making my way into the nearby forest. It was hard to run fast with the bag on my back but I endured the pain the rest of the way to the hideout. The others were sitting around looking glum.
“Guys!” I called out. I looked around but no one was there. Were my eyes deceiving me? I came all this way for nothing. I ran around a little bit to see if there were here. There were miscellaneous things strewn about the ground. Oh no, they must have been taken to the labs also. But they weren’t mentioned on the security monitors. There must be a second room. I ran back to the front yard where the van was still parked. I threw open the door and started up the van turning back onto the road. I was headed back to the lab.

One Hour Later
I parked the van off in the corner and grabbed my backpack. I went back to the exit where I had left earlier. I grabbed the walkie-talkie and listened. I’d just come back into range. I noticed the bodies had been moved, or dragged. There were blood stains across the ground.
“…Alice…WHERE IS SHE!!!!” I heard a woman yell over the walkie-talkie. Then I heard a familiar voice. Sam.
“You let her escape!?” He shouted back at someone else. “Find her now! Who knows where she is!” The guards must have been milling about now. I tried to open the door but it was locked. I noticed a keypad off to the side and swiped it with my stolen ID. The door clicked open and I began running back to the security room. The men were back in there. This time when I opened the door they stood up.
“Please, don’t hurt us.” I walked over to them and punched one in the face and then turned around and kicked the other in the stomach. I bashed one of their heads against a wall and he slumped down to the floor. The other guard sat down in the chair. I gave him another blow to the head knocking him out. I looked on the monitors again and this time the others were showing up. I took my paper out and wrote their names down. I’d get them this time. I took the other guard’s gun and walkie-talkie. I could give them to the next person I found. I searched to see if anyone was near me. They were in some of the rooms talking to the members about who knows what. I found Akira’s room and decided to go there first. All that I could say was everyone was looking a bit rough. Throwing the paper into my pocket and wielding the gun at my side, I took off down the hallway to find my friends. And I was going to take down everyone who got in the way.

Okay, that’s all for now. I finally wrote. Well, everything else is up to you guys: Whether Alice gets captured again or if she ends up finding everyone.