A New Roommate


I was exhausted. My body ached and my head did too. My wrist was broken by now, with how many times it's been twisted by that weird wrench and bleeding effectively every time I woke up. It has been days now, maybe weeks.

There were only two weird things happening when I woke up today. I was in a bigger room with less machines than the last one and there was actually a window in here. There was a sterile, white curtain right beside me, practically saying that somebody else was in here with me.

And right at the front of the room, Hiraku was sitting in a metal chair, looking patiently at me and the other person in the room, while paying absentmindedly to his phone at the same time.

"Ah, you're finally awake, Akira. There's a friend for you. I think you know him." I narrowed my eyes until I heard a groan that I knew only because I had heard him get hurt earlier at the mansion.



"Akira?" I heard Griffin say, his voice sounding drugged.

"Griffin? What are you doing here? I thought you were back the mansion, preparing to save us!" I said frantically and that was when Hiraku got up and pulled the curtain back.

"You ought to see her, Griffin. After all, it has been about about two weeks." Only two weeks?! It felt so much longer...

When Hiraku pulled back the curtain, there Griffin lay, on the same looking metal table I was laying on. He looked tired, like he hadn't slept. How good it was to see him; oh, how he shouldn't be here.

Griffin's eyes widened as he saw me and his eyes were constantly looking over me. I looked down in embarrassment. Even though I was in so much pain and so weak right now, I still felt hideous in front of Griffin because of the new features to my body.

My quills were sticking out of me in hatred as Hiraku moved over to me and brought out a syringe. Not another... It was filled with some purple fluid.

"Hmm... That's an interesting development of your quills..." Hiraku murmured as he pulled out his clipboard and started to write on it and went over to the wall to my left and pressed a button. Again, the metal table moved underneath me to where the bottom of it was up against the wall and I was rightside up. Griffin started to thrash in his holds as Hiraku came close to me. Hiraku smirked.

"Now Griffin... if you misbehave, your dear Akira will be punished in return... You wouldn't want that, now would you?" Hiraku said with his usual malicious smile and Griffin cussed him him out in Greek in response. Please Griffin... just give in...

I tried to send him this when he looked at me but it didn't work in time for when Hiraku plunged the syringe into my chest. I howled in pain as I could feel the liquid going through me and my skin started to burn instantly. I could feel blood seeping out of my chest as Hiraku took the syringe out and I coughed a bit of blood up in my mouth.

"And now you are the perfect weapon, excluding the fact that there are still some adjustments that are needed to be done to you... You can manipulate as many people as we want with your perfect features. You can get harmed and quickly heal," Hiraku hissed as my stomach started to growl of hunger and Hiraku walked over to Griffin and touched his wings, feeling the texture and strength. Griffin just fidgeted but not much.

"You will learn. You will hear this girl's screams time and time again if you don't comply..." I winced as Hiraku ripped off a piece of Griffin's wing and Griffin hissed in pain as small bits of blood started to drip onto the ground. "I will leave you two to talk before I come back in... Akira, be a dear and teach him the rules, will you?" Hiraku laughed as he left the room and Griffin looked immediately at me and a scowl was placed on his face.

"How could you let him do that you?!" He cried as he eyes were set on mine. I gave a sad smile to him. My throat was dry but I didn't care. There was probably blood on my canine teeth now. I didn't care. My voice was filled with emptiness and no demand.

"Just... don't argue or resist against them, okay?" I asked him weakly as small tears came down my face and Griffin's face immediately softened.

"What's going on here, Akira?" He asked and I tried to clear my throat but all that came up was blood so I spat that on the ground. My blood had a purple tint in it now. My wrist hardly hurt and I could feel all the blemishes and bones fixing themselves. I winced in pain.

"We're test subjects. That's all I can figure out. You lost track of days here. It hardly feels like two weeks have gone by... They try to... either perfect you or make you a monster... They're doing both to me... You don't see anybody else here. You're the first I've seen out of the whole club," I told him with a weak smile and Griffin didn’t smile back.

“Why haven’t you tried to get out? Resist them?” Griffin asked and I shrugged the best way that I could.

“Because they’ll make the torture worse. You don’t get fed or anything if you kill or injure any of the scientists. I tried the first few days, I think, and all I got was my knee and my wrist being broken,” I told him and Griffin just blinked and looked away almost immediately.

“You seem to have changed...” Griffin said and I continued to look at him.

“After a while and you’ve just lose something... but gain something in response... I don’t know, I just... changed,” I told him and that’s when Hiraku burst back into the room with a smile and guards behind him. He nodded to me and that’s when the guards came over to me, put a collar around my neck, and uncuffed me but making sure there were at least chains still attached to my wrists, ankles, and this weird collar.

“Take her to have her strength tested. I have to... see what this dragon is capable of,” Hiraku narrowed his eyes as he looked at Griffin and Griffin scowled back.

I was pushed out of the room just as I heard a scream come from Griffin’s lips.

No.... No...

Very short, but straight to the point! People can pair up with others in rooms now, if they would like, just like Griffin and Akira share the same room LOL xDDD