Living in Hell




I woke up with sunlight hitting my eyes and slow, heavy breathing beside me. I opened my eyes and saw Griffin on the floor, leaning against my bed, sleeping. Our hands were still entwined from last night and all of our talking. We didn’t talk much though after he joined me in my room. He looked at the pictures on my wall and saw my journal but didn’t pry about it. He also saw my flower book where I press flowers secretly into the pages. He looked through that and asked me about it and I swear, that was the time where I blushed the brightest. That was such a secret. Only Karin knew it and she was ecstatic when she found out.

When he saw my music, he took an interest in it and looked through it but eventually went back to the flowers. I think he was surprised that I liked it, pressing flowers. He made it back over to me with the book and started to ask me about them and the whole time, I was blushing as I spoke. After he finished that, he asked me about my brother and my father, rarely about my father. I told him tidbits as he told me tidbits about his brother. It was nice.

After that, we just stared at each other. We fell asleep like that after I had felt his three scars on his face and he had held my hand to my face on his scars. He had told me that it was from jumping out of his window in his house when it was on fire.

“Griffin,” I whispered, moving our hands back and forth and he stirred awake, suddenly alert and then relaxed once he realized that it was me talking and shaking him awake.

He smiled and put his hands on my ears and started to mess with them. I giggled a little, since I was a little ticklish there and then with that, Griffin continue and to make him stop, I jumped on top of him and we both just started laughing. After a while, we just stopped and he put his hand on my cheek.

“I like your laugh,” He whispered and I looked down and blushed. Just as I was about to reply, my stomach growled.

“Let’s go make breakfast,” I told him and he just nodded and we both got up and sneaked out of my room together. Once we made it downstairs, thankfully with nobody awake down here, and started to make breakfast together with both of our weird aprons that Sebastian got us, on. We quickly started to make breakfast and I took my apron off once I was finished. Griffin was making crepes this morning with Nutella and I liked them as much as Sebastian liked them.

As I sat down after taking my apron off, Karin came bounding down the stairs with Sebastian after her and we all sat down. Griffin served us as Sebastian couldn’t help but laugh as he saw the apron he gave Griffin on him. Griffin blushed furiously and I couldn’t help but giggle as he put the rest of the plates on the table and everybody was coming down for breakfast. I had to admit, since last night, everybody seemed to be more relaxed with one another. Once Griffin sat down, we all started to eat but something seemed weird. Sam was... putting a gas mask on and it was only a matter of time before we all started to cough at the same time.

“What the-” I muttered as the weird air surrounded all of us and I felt my head start to get dizzy and lightheaded. I felt myself collapse out of my chair and then I barely saw Griffin run towards me before he ran outside as we all heard the doors open and men around us grabbed the ones that had fallen and I felt myself pass out.

Not before long, I felt myself hit the inside of a car that was made of only metal and I groaned as I rubbed my head. Other bodies were being thrown into the car and I was only starting to stir.

“Sh*t, they’re waking up already!” I heard a voice say as Karin started to stir also as she was thrown into the truck.

“You wanted them alive, right?” It was Sam’s voice. SH*T. That damned human!

“...Yeah, but at this rate-- Gah, they’re waking up! Quick, just grab those last three-- We’ll have to come back later for the others! Move, MOVE!!”

I growled as loud as I could before the doors closed and I started to bang on them. I could hear crying inside the small holding cell and noticed it was Karin’s. I had noticed all that had been thrown in here. There was myself, Karin, Colette, Ela, Kaki, Vevila, Acacia, Dante, Rano, Ace, Keefer, Aerith, and Locke. This was half of the club. And wait... Ela.

“DAMN THAT HUMAN!! I should’ve NEVER trusted him!! I should’ve...never...” My eyes moved over to Ela and eventually, all of our eyes gathered to her. She took it as an attack though.

“H-How was I supposed to know he was a #$%*ng traitor!?!” She exclaimed with only half of heart thrown into it. Karin then tried to comfort her but then the all but familiar gas filled the air once again and I felt myself fall backwards and pass out.

Griffin... Please...



I could only hear as I felt my body being pressed against cold metal and my consciousness slowly rose. I could feel my arms being tied down along with my feet and all of this felt too familiar, but why? Why was it familiar? Memories tried to surface but none came to clearly. I struggled to open my eyes and when I did, I met bright light.

It took awhile for my eyes to focus but I saw figures above me in white lab coats moving about, prodding me with needles and checking my reflexes. This wasn’t some ordinary check up in a doctor’s office. Xenogenesis Labs. That’s where I was in. I saw the logo everywhere.

“Good job, son. You captured their leader. I am deeply proud of you son. No more pretending, and college all the way!” I moved my eyes over to the doors, where I saw a man who had short blond hair with bright blue eyes. He had on a lab coat and I could see from here what his name tag said. He was the leader of Xenogenesis Labs. The head honcho. And the human we had let stay with us was his son.

He didn’t say anything to his father. He had on a lab coat and looked exactly like his father. He was looking at me. I gave a sly smirk.

“When I get out of here, I’m going to kill you myself. Maybe I’ll let the whole club do it,” I hissed, my voice hoarse. “Or maybe, we’ll let Ela rip your throat out instead,” I spat, using up the last little bit I had of my voice and that seemed to shock Sam. He looked down at the floor, shocked and not speaking as his father drew him out of the room and they continued their work on me, though his father said something about “changing my memories” before he left the room.

I snarled at every chance I got and tried to break free of my restraints. I called for Karin but she wasn’t there. I called for everybody else and got no reply. I was in here alone. Where were Griffin and Sebastian? I didn’t see them collapse. Did they make it out before we had even gotten captured, right when we all passed out? Please let them...

I was drained by the end of the day. I don’t know what they were doing to me but I felt so weak and it felt like my head was being messed with. My memories... What did that man mean, “change my memories”? Was that even possible? It couldn’t be... could it? That could be about my father... Was this what he had found out? Just what was it? I couldn’t interpret his notes. Hardly at all. But maybe this whole time I was looking at them wrong.

Maybe what he meant by what he said, “They look at everything a different way. I have learned that they have a technique in place. A technique so different, I am one of them. I am one of those techniques. But only a puppet for so long,” was that he was one of their experiments, but did that mean... we all were?

I felt myself drift off into a deep sleep.

“I left a set of notes with you, Akira, but the more complex ones went to your brother, Charlie. You must remember this: he knows a lot of science and he’s very clever. But they don’t know that. I made sure of that.”

All I remember are the notes as I went in between consciousness and unconsciousness. Papa... what do you mean?

“They know I know their secret. And their secret is too valuable. The governments don’t even know-- all of them, all around the world. I’m starting to figure it all out, now. I want you to know, too, in case I am killed.”

“I’m starting to go crazy. I’m seeing things. Different images that surround my children. I don’t know what’s real and what’s not anymore. I KNOW THEIR SECRETS. THEY USED MY CHILDREN. Were they tampered with in the beginning? Was I tampered with? What about their mother? WE ARE ONLY TECHNIQUES, TOYS BEING TAMPERED WITH FOR FUN. I’m going to go crazy. I’m the only one who knows what’s going on. The truth, but nobody will believe me. Who would believe a crazy old crook like me?”

You aren’t crazy, Papa... You never were...

“I tried to talk to somebody in charge, to demand what’s going on, but all they did was laugh. They told me to go home. I go to this place every day and I make no difference. Just minutes ago, they threw me out onto the concrete.”

“You two are puppets of X. Nothing but puppets, being torn apart from the inside out. I’m not going to sit by and let them carry out experiments on my own kids. I don’t care if they want to kill me. I’ve not nothing to lose anymore. I’m sure they will be coming for me soon. Akira, you must remember this. They know everything about you, inside and out. They tried to keep you perfect, but things break within time. Toys eventually break.

And that’s when the pain shot through my body and all I gave were screams.

“Oh, hello~” I was barely able to open my eyes to see somebody that was familiar, almost too familiar, above me, though a name couldn’t come to him. I knew he was a brother, a twin of... I think... Karin's scientist's brother?

“I remember you! My brother works on your little bunny friend! What was her name, Karin?” I growled loudly at him. “Oh a bit mad there, aren’t ya? I guess I was right! Well, I plan to take that away... and all of your pain.” The smile that consisted on his face was something of insanity and maniacal. “I will make sure you are perfect, instead of the disturbed, mangy mutt you are.” Papa’s notes... Was he correct?

And that’s when he laid out an arsenal of tools on the table next to me and I could see them all. A bunch were syringes filled with different types of liquid of all colors. The others didn’t look too pleasant, as there seemed to be some sort of wrench but it was combined with something else too. There were a big pile of tweezers and any other type of tool that could be used on something not human.

And the first thing he grabbed was a syringe and he brought it over to my neck and inserted it into me.

And I felt like I was burning from the inside out.

Okay, SO!!! This is how those that are captured are going to be! Have somebody either from the past be part of XL or have it be a random scientist lol xD Be creative with what happens to your character and don't worry! The rescue team will be shortly on their way (even though it consists of like... only two people) Hehe *shot*

Does anybody else see what Akira's Dad did there in his writing???