Locke and Violette's Profiles!

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Character's Full Name: Locke Campbell
Pronunciation: Lock Cam-bell
Species: Púca "The púca is a legendary creature of Celtic folklore, most notably in Ireland, the West of Scotland, and Wales. The púca is a mythological fairy and ultimate shapeshifter. The creatures are capable of assuming a variety of terrifying forms, including a horse, rabbit, goat, goblin, or dog. No matter what shape the púca takes, its fur is always dark."-wikia (Do not worry, he is not superior in any way shape or form.)
Abilities: He has the ability to shapeshift into any creature- however since his head-hitting incident is working to gain that power back... though he can still shift into the form of a cat.
Age: 17
Height: 5' 11"
Hair: ink black. It's spiky, and usually messy, but clean. One side is longer than the other (he's growing out an undercut).
Eye Color: Red
Skin Color: A very pale Caucasian with a sickish green tint. he explains that as "a normal thing for púca" this, however, is untrue. The coloration is more than likely from the lack of nutrition paired with the bad environment he endured
Personality: Locke is a sweetybear, but he is a push-over, and speaks sometimes a bit too politely (example: "I'm sorry, but I don't think it would be okay for you to leave that dead carcass in the middle of the living room. Oh, I'm sorry, are you busy? I can move it for you if you like,") However, he is aware of it when people take advantage of his kindness, and does know when to say "no."
He's also easily flustered and very romantic. In most cases, he takes girls to be friends rather than "bangable whatchamacallits", which is why he's perfectly content on having a "cuddle buddy" as Vi calls it.
Looks: He has a couple odd piercings on his ears, and a celtic cross with continuos lines tattooed on his head.
Appearance: At first glance, he's some unholy combination of punk/hipster/wannabe vampire, but upon a closer inspection he has a warm smile and dog-like loyalty in his eyes.
Outfit/Style: His outfits usually consist of lumberjack shirts, or vertical-striped button-ups, black or dark grey jeans, red chucks, and sometimes suspenders, a belt, a blaizer-styled sweater, or a hoodie.
Likes: meat, music, playing his guitar or banjolele, singing, heart-shaped waffle ("they're cute!"), people, working with leather/wood, and being held (in cat form), consoling others, knitting
Dislikes: When someone is crying, cages, sea food, being sprayed with water, toasters
Strengths: In cat form, he's relatively sneaky and can fit in small spaces.
Weaknesses: While he's considerably strong, he feels bad about hurting someone, even if they threaten his existence
Fears: The circus, unrequited love (DORK!)
Relationships: He's an overly-sappy guy, and would patiently, caringly, and tentatively listen to a teenage girl's sob story about how her BFF kissed Danny even though everyone knows she liked Danny and now they're going to prom and Billy asked her out, but she doesn't even know what to wear and on top of that Billy is a loser and etc, and not only does he listen and actually care, but he tries to solve the problem, as well. When girls approach flirtatiously, he either does not recognize it, or he becomes very uncomfortable.
Family: Mother, Father
History: Most of his past is blurry from his fall, but he knows his father sold him to the circus, but he broke out.

Character's Full Name: Violett Harlow Evergreene
Pronunciation: Vi-let Hahr-LO you know how to say evergreen.
Species: Changeling - basically a faerie, troll, or elf swapped for a human child.
Abilities: She can hover a little, make things float, and disappear and re-appear quickly; her favorite trick is making rain drip upward. Her power usage is unlimited, but weak.
Age: 15
Height: 4' 10"
Hair: Dark maroonish-red that flows down to her rib area and curls a little at the end. Her bang are long and swept to the side, partially braided and pinned back. Other times, she pulls her bangs back and pins them to the top of her head.
Eye Color: lime green
Skin Color: She's alabaster with rosy cheeks.
Personality: She's a childish girl who likes to poke people cutely in hopes they'll play with her or tell her a joke. She'll gullible, easily alarmed, and easy to turn into a green-eyed monster (no pun intended), but is also selfish in some situations but selfless in the ones that count, and very forgiving.
Looks: no piercings, tattoos or birthmarks.
Appearance: Vi looks like a tweeny elf-- short and cute. Her smile is so overly-joyed that it's irritating to some.
Outfit/Style:She loves to wear frilly short dresses, lacey camisoles, high-waisted puffy skirts, and heels (to try to make up for her height), almost always in pink or cream, and on occasion dark skinny jeans. You can just think "modern princess"
Likes: anything sweet, cats, being picked up/held, campfire smell, anything shaped like a heart, milk
Dislikes: being called "shorty" "elf" or "midget", creepy people, mud, mean people
Strengths: The ability to pass herself off as completely innocent, vulnerable and unaware, her powers
Weaknesses: her lack of physical prowess, getting worked up too easily
Fears: VAMPIRES!, the dark, people who are taller than her (everyone XD)
Relationships: Often, it depends how others act around her. To the people who allow her to indulge in her whims, she loves to hug and cuddle and talk about their day and how they're feeling. If they're stand-offish, she tries to give awkward peace offerings, like a cake with strawberry hearts, and if they're outwardly rude or mean, she says things like "I can see you boogers from here." In general, she is unable to come up with come-backs on the fly, so she says "HEY! That hurt my feelings!"
Family: parents, her elder sister, Camilla
History: Her parents never had time for her, which was actually very helpful to her, because she was an odd looking baby, however the midwife dismissed this as being prematurely born. Her sister, Camilla, was eleven when Vi was "born" (switched out with the human child). Camilla was not an idiot and was the only one to notice Violet was not her little sister. However, instead of shaking her fist at the woodland spirits, she became enamored with her baby changeling. When Camilla turned 16, she ran out of the house with Violet, who was 5, tired of being neglected. They lived in a homeless shelter for a while, but Camilla became very sick and died. Since then, Violet was on her own- and though deeply saddened by the death of her "sister", Violet was not entirely tied to her "human" family, and so this past does not devastate her in the slightest.

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