Nai-Hina 001's Profile!

From: [HellisSinging13]

[√] I understand, you have my permission. I wish to join the club.

Character's Full Name: Nai-Hina 001 (Her name means Dead Doll, the second part is her experimental number)
Pronunciation: N-i Hi-Na
Species: Zombie Doll hybrid (An experiment gone wrong)
Abilities: Doesn’t sleep, Eats humans and can summon weapons
Age: 17
Height: 5"9
Hair: She has short light brown hair that is always messy
Eye Color(s): One emerald green glass eye and one button eye
Skin Color(s) Pale cream china, cracked in places
Personality: She has never met anyone who has been nice to her before but she can be incredibly nice and kind, Nai-Hina is often brushed aside because of her appearance, she wants to be accepted by people and she is very passionate and loving
Looks: She has cracks all over her body and the number 001 on her shoulder. The lips of her mouth are stained in blood and she has sharp teeth. And her skin has peeled off on one side of her head
Appearance: A blood thirsty zombie doll with a kind heart.
Outfit/Style: she usually wears a hospital gown but now she has started to wear Lolita style outfits.
Likes: Oreos, Lolita outfits, The outside world and beautiful people who look perfect.
Dislikes: People calling her ruthless even though she can be, People calling her names
Strengths: She can use any weapon that she creates and likes working in a team.
Weaknesses: She is incredibly claustrophobic and gets emotionally hurt easily. She likes to eat humans sometimes so she can go crazy.
Fears: Dolls, Clowns, Scientists, statues and angels
Relationships: She has never met a person before and was kept in a glass case for the whole of her life.
Family: She has a single Father but he used her for experiments
History: She was born and lived in her father’s lab as his test subject. He tried to create the ultimate fighter but it resulted it her becoming a zombie doll hybrid. She can’t remember anything else.

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