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Character's Full Name: Amor Violet Dilag
Pronunciation: (AH-more Dee-log)
Species: Star Diwata-beings similar to nymphs or fairies; they guard the area they call their home and originate from the Philippines; according to legend, they are “the guardian spirits of nature” and they “cast blessings and curses upon those who bring benefits or harm to their area”
Abilities: She is nearly invincible (if she is injured, she can recover at a superhuman rate), has very dense skin (according to my research, their skin and bones are “2.5 times denser than humans’), can set a curse on anyone who defiles her realm or angers her, will entrance those around her for her unreal beauty and grace, is extremely knowledgeable in astronomy
Age: ageless (immortal), looks to be 19
Height: 5’10”
Hair: Past her shoulder blades, a combination of white gold and grey gold in color, worn loose about her face
Eye Color(s): Right eye is lilac, left eye is rose
Skin Color(s): Her skin is flawless (no blemishes or wrinkles, even on her elbows or knees) and ivory in color
Personality: Because she must judge people upon first sight, she is naturally a terrific judge of character. Most of the time, she is pleasant and sweet, but, get on her bad side, and you will certainly regret it. She loves to spend time in water and surrounded by nature in general. While she is a kind spirit, she tends to be a bit brash and doesn’t always think her words through. Though she tends to hide it, she is fairly self conscious about her weight, not her overall looks. Despite coming off as an arrogant prima donna, she is a hopeless romantic who dreams of finding her soulmate.
Looks: Curving up and around the length of her spine, she has an intricate, ornate tattoo of numerous stars leading up from her tailbone to the nape of her neck, ending in a crescent moon (this is for her father who was a night sky Diwata). Around her left calf, she has a rose vine that circles up from her ankle to her knee, and, on her right hip, she has a large, purple butterfly. She has many scars on her stomach and chest, and, though she rarely reveals them, she doesn’t mind them (battle scars).
Appearance: To any stranger, she would look like a normal adult woman with beautiful hair and porcelain features (meaning pale and untarnished). While she isn’t overweight, she is considerably curvy, but it only adds to her appeal. Most people are either intimidated by her looks or intrigued.
Outfit/Style: Her style is easily comparable to that of a genuine fashionista. The majority of her clothes are brightly colored, shiny, one-of-a-kind, or obscure. Because she has been able to secure an excess of funds from her parents’ fortunes and her own successful career as a designer, she can afford almost anything. Her favorite outfit consists of a metallic (silver) black tank top, gray “little wing” shrug, black Chanel “silk ruffle mini skirt”, a pair of Versace “Metallic Wedge” heels, and her gray Gucci handbag. (She kind of flaunts her wealth without truly meaning to...)
Likes: Drawing, nature, people watching, casual conversations, reading
Dislikes: People who don’t respect nature, music, silence, parties
Strengths: Is very strong and heals quickly; kind; is in tune with nature; a good judge of character; can navigate using stars
Weaknesses: Can be naive at times; isn’t skilled in fighting (despite her strength)
Fears: Being taken advantage of, being abandoned, running out of funds, losing business
Relationships: In general, she is a rather friendly and relatable person (ignoring her riches). She gets along with almost everyone. You either hate her or you love her, no inbetween.
Family: Her father, the night sky Diwata Otieno, left their realm in the Philippines when Amor was only two in his quest to “start anew.” Amor’s mother, the day sky Diwata named Iola, eloped with a mortal once her husband left her, and, as a result, the man died from her curse (when a Diwata falls in love with a human, they are automatically cursed with illness and, ultimately, death). In her despair, her mother committed suicide by lighting herself on fire (tragic, I know...). Her sister, Tali, was a rain Diwata who disappeared when she was an infant. Her family simply forgot about her, claiming she could withstand anything that came her way.
History: After receiving her father’s inheritance, Amor began her dream of living as a fashion designer. Near her home, she sold her designs to tailors, and, eventually, became wildly popular. Her clothing went global under an alias (Carolina Herrera) and had a Venezuelan woman pose as the face of her company. She lives comfortably at the top of Mt Kalatungan, alone in a well-furnished cave. It seems primitive, but you don’t know what she has inside. ;)

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