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After finding this mysterious tracking program, AKIRA and her best friend KARIN created the Mythological Creatures Club. Karin's boyfriend SEBASTIAN reluctantly joined as well, unknowingly agreeing to become the club's errand-boy.

The club started recruiting in Europe and Asia, where they picked up...
GRIFFIN, the Wyvern ("Not a Dragon!") with a troubled past and a bit of an attitude...
ACACIA, the Mandrake with a French tongue sharper than the thorns on her skin...
DANTE, the Fallen Angel with a heart purer than his wings... and
ASH, the Nymph who hides her feminine British charm under her baggy, boyish clothes.

On the Plane ride back from Russia, the club was attacked by men in labcoats, from an organization called XENOGENESIS LABORATORIES. By some miracle and with the help of the winged members, the club was able to escape the crashing plane alive. Lost in the forests of Transylvania, the club was surprised to find the lady COLETTE, a hospitable vampire with the manners of a princess. She let the club mend their wounds overnight at her mansion, and agreed to return with them to America.

While Akira and the rest of the club returned to the U.S, Errand-boy Sebastian stayed behind to pick up random members around the world. Along the way, he found...

KEEFER, a lonely Werewolf who could really use a hug...
KAKI, the heartless Upir with an obsession for blood...
SOLANA, a timid Cloud Nymph who can whisper to any animal...
VEVILA, the alluring Alp Luachra who's just in it for a comb...
KATERI, the talkative Water Nymph who, OMG, LOVES water!
TOÑO & RANO, mischievous Bakru twins with who-knows-what on their minds...
ALICE, the vampire who doubles as a professional trapeze artist...
TRAVIS, the bloody jammiest Leprechaun you'll ever meet...
BELLINDA, the Dragon-girl with a temper as fiery as her claws...
ACE , the Fennec hybrid with knack for thievery and a way with the ladies...
NAI HINA 001, the sweet zombie doll with not-so-decieving looks...and
RILEY, the [for lack of a better term] randomly hysterical Kitsune.

Back in America, Akira managed to recruit ELA the city-slicker Avian with a salt-water attitude and her new human friend, SAM. Akira was adamant with the human addition, but Ela insisted, saying he was a Biologist who could help them (In truth, he was a Med. School Drop-out). Sam is currently trying to cope with withdrawal from his cigarettes and the fact that he's surrounded by several creatures with fangs and claws and a taste for blood. Karin joins in on the recruiting as well, picking up LOCKE AND VIOLETTE, the adorably inseparable shape shifter and changeling.

When Akira and company returned to the mansion, they found it ransacked by the same organization who attacked them on the plane. It seems XenoGenesis Labs doesn't like the way the club is growing.

Meanwhile, HEIJI "KUROSHIRO" a Psychopomp that guides souls of the dead to their "Jya-jyu-me-n-to," has been assigned to watch over the club, and protect their spirits.

Months passed, inevitably leading to fun times and bonding. Couples started cropping up all over the place, with Griffin and Akira, Dante and Acacia, Ace and Solana, and possibly Keefer and Kateri? [Eh, it's a work in progress.] Anyway, the club has undoubtably grown closer as secrets are revealed and the defensive open up.

Unfortunately, Xeno. Labs switched to a offensive approach, much to Sebastian's chagrin. While meeting the not-so-lucky Water-Dragon, AERITH, they were approached by three men similar to the ones who had attacked them in Russia. Sebastian was able to defeat them, and even managed to snag a business card from one of their pockets. Shortly after, he was attacked again while trying to persuade the Fashionista "Star" Diwata, AMOR, to join. Looks like being the errand boy is more dangerous than he previously thought...but he doesn't mind much.

But even so, Sebastian really needed a break. He hasn't fed in months and he misses Karin terribly. So he takes one last trip to Canada to pick up NODIN, the silent, plague-ridden Aerico. Curiously, all the hard drive's information on Nodin is blank, as though it were hacked and deleted. To Sebastian's surprise, he discovers Nodin also has the exact same tracking program on his phone. Their meeting is interrupted when Nodin's father protectively steps in, suspicious of Sebastian's intentions. When they speak with one another, Sebastian finds out that this guy knows a lot more than any normal man, but he gives Nodin his blessing nonetheless.

Upon Sebastian's return to the mansion with Nodin, Akira recognizes him as an old family friend. That would explain why Nodin's father knew so much about her; He was colleagues with her own father.

In honor of the errand boy and all his hard work, Akira decides to throw a party and feast. Good times are had by all! (Mostly).

Sometime later, the club woke up to a day like any other. They were just about to dig in to some delicious crepes, when a noxious gas fills the air. Everyone blacked out, except for Sam, the human, who donned a gas mask moments before. XenoGenesis Labs attacked, and Sam is a traitor.

Because of the large dining table, the scientists grabbed those on one side before coming back. Unfortunately for them, the gas wasn't strong enough, and the other half of the club woke up moments later. These members were able to escape into the sanctuary of the forest.
[See this post for a diagram the table.]

Meanwhile, Ash felt that it would be best for everyone if she just abandoned the club while she could. She became a wanderer, and though the half-club could technically track her down again with the program, they let her go.

The captured half of the club began to face unbearable torture within the confines of XL, while the escaped half attempted to save them. Unfortunately, the scientists had a huge advantage and used the tracking program to completely throw off Griffin's escape plan. They were ambushed, and sent to join their fellow club members in experiments and torture.

While in XL, several members developed new, dangerous modifications to their already mythical bodies.
Akira grew sharp quill-like hair from every pore
Griffin's body, with the exception of his face, is covered in hard, cold scales like the ones on his wings.
Sebastian was given bat wings and an intense desire for human blood.
Karin's face has been reconstructed to look more womanly, and her scars have disappeared.
Acacia's heart now pumps poison throughout her veins, and her hair has been completely chopped off.
Ace has been painfully conditioned to fear his love, Solana.
Alice can now revert between human and vampire forms.
And several other modifications...

Then suddenly...all the torture was gone. Everything that had happened at XL; Forgotten. Everyone thinks it's just another day at the Mythological Creatures Club. However, any memories of Sam were erased. He was a variable in the experiment, so now he has been removed for the new trial.

Their lives go on, until Akira receives a call from her brother, CHARLIE, instructing them all to fly to Germany of all places. Nevertheless, they comply. Once there, they are forced to wait until the coast is clear to meet with Charlie to find out what the meaning of all this is. After a spontaneous trip to a local club in Munich called Sugar, a churchgrim named EMERY makes his appearance and weasels his way into Solana's bedroom—and the club. CLARISSA the witch also finds herself invited to join the club after meeting a certain churchgrim on a flight to Munich. So far, nothing seems terribly amiss; XL hasn't shown its face, and no one has attacked them.

While everyone else was clubbing, Karin decided to go back to hotel. There, she found her boyfriend Sebastian and the seductive Vevila hiding in an alley nearby. They secretly agreed to replenish each others' energy, which basically looked like Sebs was cheating on Karin. Drama ensued. Meanwhile, Griffin and Akira did the thing as well as Dante and Acacia. Both boys ended up feeling very guilty, but they settled their feelings accordingly. Don't drink and sex, kiddos.

Eventually, Charlie neutralized the threat in the area and the club was able to travel to his home. There, they meet his German fiance Christina, a former scientist at XL. Turns out, she fell in love with Charlie and helped him to escape and plant the mysterious drive in Akira's possession. Together, they managed to reverse most of the damage XL had done to Charlie's body.

PLOT TWIST REVEALED: XL does not experiment on mythical creatures; XL creates them.

The club receives individual files revealing each person's former life as a human and the process it took to make them what they are today. On the way back to VA, some members opened their folders with chagrin, their curiosity taking over. Others decided not to read their files because it would be too painful.

When they arrived back at the mansion, they were devastated to find it burning down, with CYRUS inside. Griffin managed to save his twin brother this time, pulling the emaciated prisoner out of the flames. Most of the club is horrified and infuriated by his appearance, seeing as he created XL... In a fit of rage, Akira lunges at him, but Griffin defends his brother. This practically breaks Akira's already fragile emotional state, and she runs away from the club.

The truth is, Cyrus created XL to be a humane scientific study, inviting renowned scientists across the globe to join forces with him. He was inspired by Griffin, his little twin brother with a desire to fly like the dragons in books. He did his first experiment on himself, but it failed miserably; now all that remains is a metal frame of wings forever lodged in his back.

As time passed, scientists grew tired of Cyrus's humane process, and decided to take over XL in a coup. Because Cyrus was so young and defenseless, it was rather easy to do. The XL we know today began and is still creating and torturing creatures to this day. Sam's father, Doctor Hawkins, is now the leader of XL.

Sam confronts Ela about his treachery and confesses that it was part of the plan to save her all along. He had been in contact with Charlie the whole time, working as a double spy of sorts. Ela more or less forgives him after he pours his heart out to her.

Griffin makes up with Akira and apologizes for hurting her to protect Cyrus. With his persuasion, she returns to the others, Charlie and Christina. They are currently performing surgeries on the members in order to reverse some of the effects XL cursed them with.

Before the club arrived in Germany, Nodin's father Samael came to seek Charlie's help. He plans to save Hannah - an XL scientist - from XL's clutches. As he approaches their base, however, he discovers there is no way he can get in alone.

In the meantime, the club gained several new members: BRIDGETT, SABINE, RAVAN, AZUL, KUTARI, EMIL, LUNA, and AINE.

The club waits anxiously as its leaders plan a way to take down XL and return their lives to 'normal'.......

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