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Character's Full Name: Ace Calix Garcia
Pronunciation: (CAL-eeks)
Species: Fennec-Human Hybrid (it's a desert fox)
Abilities: Sensitive Fennec ears (can hear things from very far away); quick on his feet and quick-thinking; naturally attractive features gets him off the hook when he’s caught doing something illegal (which is rare); very persuasive (cunning nature); can endure high heat and survive with little water
Age: 17 but looks considerably older (because of the way he presents himself), around 26
Height: 6’0”
Hair: Honey-colored (fancy way of saying a medium-dark blond)
Eye Color(s): Left eye: arctic blue; Right eye: black like ebony
Skin Color(s): lightly-tanned Caucasian
Personality: While at first glance he appears easygoing and friendly, Ace is actually extremely cautious and shy when he meets someone new. Secretly, he hates the way he is forced to live (see “History”), and, because of it, he can be severely depressed at times (he is normally excellent at hiding this side). After he gets to know someone and feels as though they are trustworthy, he warms up rather quickly. Because of his Fennec DNA, he is easy to talk to and can get along with almost anyone. Once he forms a friendship, he rarely betrays them, and, when he does, it is always for a good reason. While he is a reliable companion, he is also very sneaky and sly, and, if someone isn’t looking, it’s not unlikely that something of theirs might just happen to “mysteriously disappear.”
Looks: He has small, identical birthmarks on the insides of his elbows. Up and down his forearms he has ten horizontal scars (five on each), the majority of which he doesn’t know the cause for (the two on his wrists were self inflicted). While he isn’t extremely muscular, he’s well built and could easily handle himself in a fight. He also a fox tail that he typically hides in his pants or up his shirt if he wears a jacket (like Akira).
Appearance: He isn’t overly handsome, especially since he’s so young, but most adults find him to be sweet and innocent looking. Even when he manages to con people, they rarely are mad at him because he always acts so sincere. To most, he’s just a cute teenager who’s a charmer and very clever.
Outfit/Style: After living with countless families, he’s acquired a variety of apparel, but, even with his surplus, he tends to prefer to wear a black jacket over a t-shirt (and he loves t-shirts, no matter what color). Almost all the time, he wears his grey gatsby hat (newsboy cap) to hide his ears. He typically wears fitted jeans, even in summer, and always has on his black Converse.
Likes: Alcohol (he has a fake ID), running (in small doses), reading, writing short stories (but he rarely finds time to pursue this hobby), storms, women, and listening to loud music, especially in clubs or similar places
Dislikes: Solitude, being bossed around, being underestimated, losing, and being deprived of necessities (he is essentially homeless)
Strengths: He is very quick thinking and light on his feet, and, because of his Fennec nature, he can work well in extreme conditions.
Weaknesses: Ace is very impulsive, lacks guilt, and is inexperienced in committed relationships (friendships and romantic). Ace also lacks restraint in all aspects of life, and, in correspondence, he refuses to back down from most challenges thrown his way.
Fears: Being betrayed/abandoned, losing anyone he cares about, being seen as a coward
Relationships: Women tend to adore him (not necessarily in a romantic way), and, because of this, he has unknowingly earned the reputation of a lady’s man. He acts rather friendly to strangers but is quietly acquiring information about them in the process, seeing if he can trust them or not. Once he’s decided if someone can be trusted, he is quick to befriend them. No romantic interests as of yet, but he tends to be a bit of a flirt (not obnoxiously so, just occasionally); he likes to make girls of any age feel good about themselves.
Family: As far as he knows, he has no living relatives. He was in an orphanage until the age of six when it was shut down due to bankruptcy, and he was forced to live on the streets. Since then, he’s lived with various families around the area by sitting on sidewalks and “begging for change”, earning the sympathy of nearly everyone who walked past, especially the elderly. He considers the people who show him hospitality to be his “temporary foster parents.”
History: After the orphanage in Hoboken, New Jersey shut down, Ace has spent his nights in countless homes. However, under the noses of his “families,” he has stolen from each and every home he’s stayed at. Granted, the things he’s stolen are small and of little importance (such as old clothes or a few dollars), but, nonetheless, he has stolen and has never felt an ounce of guilt for it. After he got his first fake ID at the age of 13, he’s spent most of his time at clubs or bars, socializing and drinking to fill the emptiness he sometimes feels inside SORRY FOR THE SUDDEN DEPRESSING THOUGHT. Other than the occasional depressing mood he falls into, he’s always been a lively and entertaining guy.

Just watch your stuff around him.

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