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From: iamEssence

[√] I understand, you have my permission. I wish to join the club.

Character's Full Name: Bellinda
Pronunciation: Bell-linda
Species: Dragon human hybrid
Abilities: can control fire and can sprout wings from her back.
Age: 120 she looks to be 16 or so
Height: 5'3
Hair: Dark brown with red high lights
Eye Color(s): Light brown
Skin Color(s) Tan
Personality: Being able to control fire she's kinda a pyro. She can be out going at times. Kinda bull headed and she always likes to be right. She can be kind to people she likes, but gets annoyed with people easily.
Looks: Brown hair that goes down to about her back, she tends to have over one of her shoulders.
Appearance: A regular girl who is randomly playing with matches.
Outfit/Style: Jeans, t-shirt or tank top and sometimes a hoody.
Likes: Fire(Duh), clouds, reading, silence.
Dislikes: Rain, cold, crowds
Strengths: Can do pretty much anything with fire as long as it is somehow physically possible.
Weaknesses: If she does get wet or it’s raining or something she won’t be able to use her fire power.
Fears: Crowds
Relationships: People annoy her easily but she doesn't mind them.
Family: She was orphaned so she doesn't really have one.
History: She didn't have a really good past so she doesn’t tend to talk about it.

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