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[√] I understand, you have my permission. I wish to join the club.

Character's Full Name: Solana Daphne Mitis
Pronunciation: so-LAH-nah DAFF-knee MEE-tease
Species: Nephele (Cloud Nymph)
Abilities: Wings-allow her to fly and captivate nearly everyone (they’re shiny heehee); Voice-when she sings, she can quell worries and anger; Gentle Nature-she can communicate well with those who are willing to cooperate as well as animals; Knowledge-because she’s spent many years in the forest, she knows of edible plants as well as natural remedies
Age: 20, holds a wisdom in her eyes that seems ageless
Height: 5’11”
Hair: Waist length; violet, magenta, and cerulean streaked; center part, right side goes over her ear but behind her shoulder, left side goes over her ear and half behind her shoulder and half over her chest; sometimes she wears it in a braid, but she tends to cover her ears (she hates that they are slightly pointed)
Eye Color(s): Gold radiating from the pupil, silver to the edge
Skin Color(s): White (literally, like alabaster or porcelain or snow)
Personality: Because she feels as though she is an outcast, she is extremely timid and shies away from most social interactions. Despite her shy attitude, she is not at all self-conscious. “In fact, she is fairly comfortable in her own skin, but she rarely reveals her confidence. She isn’t fond of human interaction, especially because they regard her as a freak even when her wings are hidden, so she spends most of her time in an abandoned tree house in Pennsylvania to avoid confrontation. While she isn’t a people person, per se, she adores animals of all kinds, especially insects and small mammals. If (and when) she makes a friend, she will be undeniably loyal to them and would risk her life if it would ensure their safety. She is very selfless (a little too much, sometimes), and she’d do anything for something or someone she cared about.
Looks: Around her belly button, she has a tattoo of two doves circling each other, one with an olive branch in its beak and the other with a lit match in its beak. On her left shoulder blade, she has the quote “Serenity is not freedom from the storm, but peace amid the storm.” tattooed, and, on the outside of the text, there are roses intertwined with butterflies bordering the words. From the edge of her shoulder blades sprout two, identical wings, and, when she has them out, they are resemblant to those of the Blue Morpho Butterfly. When out in public and unable to cover up, she tends to fold her wings around her shoulders and chest so they look like an incredibly detailed tattoo. All along her spine, there are horizontal scars between each vertebrae, but Solana does not recall where these marks came from. Wrapping around her neck (with about two inches between the ends beneath her chin) is a single, prominent burn scar. The backs of her knees are completely marred by overlapping scars, and, because of them, she rarely wears anything shorter than knee length.
Appearance: To every human, she is just an underweight (she can’t afford food because she has no money to her name and is too fearful to apply for a job), attention-seeking girl who doesn’t have friends. Nearly everyone finds her to be eccentric-looking and almost too original. They think that her hair has too much dye in it for it to be healthy (her hair color is natural... well, she’s never dyed it, in the least) and that her contacts are unnerving (they aren’t contacts, silly humans). Though they see her as odd, most find her to have a strangely alluring appearance, seeing her as rather attractive. Normally, all who see her avoid contact because she keeps her gaze downcast unless it is necessary to do otherwise.
Outfit/Style: Because she spends most of her time in the sky, she tends to wear loose-fitting clothing, and her wardrobe consists solely of grays, blacks, and whites to contrast with her already colorful being. All of her clothing is cold-oriented for she has no place for shelter (besides the beaten-down treehouse); her skirts are ankle length and her shirts are long-sleeved. She doesn’t have much variety of clothing (three shirts, two skirts, one lightweight coat) because of her lack of funds, but, though she tries to avoid it, she will take an occasional item of clothing from the Salvation Army bins if she finds it necessary. While she does not have money, she does have a single, silver chain that she never takes off; it was a gift from her brother, Adrian, when they were younger, but she would never dream of selling it.
Likes: Singing, flying, animals, serenity, Winter, forests, children (because they don’t judge her), love (the idea of it)
Dislikes: Unnecessary conversations, being touched, Summer, cruelty, chaos, pain, death, bodies of water
Strengths: Flying, kindness, stealth, would never abandon an ally (loyalty), can communicate with animals (well, they understand her...)
Weaknesses: Cannot fly fast or carry passengers (weak), too shy to stand up for self, not much fighting experience (but could learn quickly if she had proper instruction), not a good judge of character, gullible, naive
Fears: Death, water, being betrayed/taken advantage of, war, fire
Relationships: To nearly everyone, she remains aloof and quiet, never trusting anyone unless she has known them for a significant amount of time (which, to her, accounts to approximately four days). Because she is... inexperienced... with relationships, she sees no one as a romantic possibility as of yet (though it is possible). If she were to be in a romantic relationship, it is extremely likely she would be hurt quite often, seeing as she’d have no idea what she’d be doing.
Family: When she was born, her parents left her and her older brother, Adrian, on the doorstep of an Orphanage in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. When she was eight and he was thirteen, they ran away to New Jersey, certain they could fend for themselves. Within weeks, they were proven wrong, and, in a matter of days after realizing the truth, they found themselves without money, food, or shelter. Adrian, in an attempt to protect his little sister, got a job on a fishing boat in Brielle, New Jersey by pretending to be of age, but, after only a few days on the job, he fell overboard in a storm and was lost at sea.
History: (See above) After losing her brother, Solana fled to the quaint city of Emigsville, and, after arriving in the city, she was beaten, mugged for the few supplies she had (they missed her silver chain), kidnapped, and severely abused. After quite some time, she used her wings to find safety in the form of an abandoned tree house where she nursed herself back to full health. Since then, she has barely survived, living mostly off of the edible substances she discovers in the forest and the few things she’s willing to steal. Throughout her forest life, she has had to witness devastation brought on by arson, and, because of this, she is terrified of fire. She refuses to steal clothing but will retrieve it from Salvation Army bins. While she tends to avoid human contact, she is rather fond of the children who come to play in the woods for they don’t care about her strange appearance. Though the memories are hazy, she remembers days of sleeping on clouds and inducing rainstorms, but, as of late, she has found she has been unable to do either of these feats.

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