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[√] I understand, you have my permission. I wish to join the club.

Character's Full Name: Kateri Lynn Roberts
Pronunciation: Kah(as in car)Tee(like the letter T)Ree(as in..release, reform, ect.)
Species:Water Nymph.
Abilities: Healing abilities, dominion over water.
Age: 16. And she looks it.
Hair: Electric blue and waist length. She wears it in a high, "Jeannie"esque ponytail.
Eye Color(s): Bright blue
Skin Color(s) Very fair.
Personality: Kateri has a very bright and sunny personality. She has TONS of energy and loves to talk, and she she will TALK YOUR EAR OFF. She is almost always smiling, and is very sweet. She's friendly and loves being around people, and if you can get past her weirdness, she is a great and trustworthy friend(But you might have to let her do all the talking!) She's very loving and kind, and likes to go out of her way to help people. But, on the other side, she's super emotional and rarely keeps what she's thinking to herself, earning her the nickname of "Teary Teri" from other kids when she was small. She can be a bit of a diva-she love shopping and hates to mess up her hair or clothing. She has her own ideas about things: she's a pacifist and refuses to eat any sea animal, out or respect for the water.
Looks: She is petite with very fair skin, long, waist length electric blue hair, and bright blue eyes. She is almost always dressed in blue, for fear of her clothing clashing with her hair, and adopts a style similar to that of a surfer, or someone who spends a lot of time on the beach. She wears her hair in a high ponytail on top of her head, and she has pointed ears, like an elf, which her family tells people are a birth defect.
Appearance: Other than the blue hair and pointed ears, she looks like a normal teenager, so she usually doesn't get many stares.
Outfit/Style: Kateri is a bit of a Diva, so she has a variety of clothes, almost all blue. She especially enjoys wearing cover up style dresses, and her favorite article of clothing is her blue tutu. She's definitely original!
Likes: People, talking, helping, giving gifts, getting gifts, swimming, the ocean, clothing, shopping, nail polish, doing hair, the sun, warm weather, singing.
Dislikes: Angry people, yelling, fighting or arguing, awkward silences, the color red.
Strengths: She's friendly, sweet, and helpful, and talking can often get her out of awkward situations. Also, that healing power is kind of handy.
Weaknesses: She's SUPER emotional, and she often lets this get the best of her. Also, she may talk just a LITTLE bit too much : )
Fears: She was adopted as a child, so she has abandonment issues, and she's a scaredy cat. Horror movies, spiders, dark basements-you name it, she hates it.
Relationships: She LOVES people, so she is quick to form friendships with anyone she can. She loves her adoptive family a lot, and is always willing to help them with anything they need.
Family: She has a mother, father, and 3 baby brothers and sisters(triplets!)
History: She was adopted as a small child, so not much is known about her original family or background. Her family lives in Malibu, so she goes to the beach and soaks in the ocean every day. She feels at home when she's in the water.

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