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[√] I understand, you have my permission. I wish to join the club.

Character's Full Name: Dante Viturrori de Roma
Pronunciation: Dan-Tay / Vee-To-Ror-Ri / DE / Row-Ma
Species: Fallen Angel
Abilities: Though he is a Fallen Angel, he still has his wings; they just turned from white to black. He can fly when he extends them and they provide some cover for him when in battle. Dante has the power to see glimpses into the future, though it causes him great pain when he has them and he can give someone their greatest dream or their worst nightmare.
Age: In truth, he is over five hundred years old, but he looks to be about 21 - 22.
Height: 6 feet 2 inches
Hair: Dark brown, shaggy hair that falls into his face. It makes him look kinda emo, which he isn’t.
Eye Color(s): Bright blue eyes that are the color of the ocean.
Skin Color(s) Italian tan toned.
Personality: Despite his appearance, Dante is kind, caring and passionate. Though at first he tends to be kind of anti-social, once someone gets close enough to him, he opens up. He still keeps his past a secret until he is positive he can trust someone enough. He’s dedicated and trustworthy to a fault. Once he promises something, he will follow through till the end.
Looks: He has two piercings in each ear and a pair of snake bites on his bottom lip. He has a tattoo of white angel wings on his upper back. Dante has various scars, especially on his back from the Fall.
Appearance: Dante’s tall and thin, but still very muscular and strong. His dark brown hair covers his blue eyes most of the time so people get the impression he’s emo. Most people find him intimidating though he has no idea why. Seems shy, which he kind of is.
Outfit/Style: His style could be described as a mix between normal and punk-rock-ish. Most of the time, he wears faded and worn jeans, a grey T-shirt from which his muscles still show and black converse. He always has a silver chain around his neck.
Likes: Taking walks out at night, playing the piano or the violin, singing, writing poetry, listening to music, the winter time, snow, chocolate, and sweets.
Dislikes: The summer, the heat, losing someone close to him, and liars.
Strengths: Hand-to-hand combat, speed, melee, and camouflaging himself in battle.
Weaknesses: Terrains he’s not used to- such as desert, and ranged combat.
Fears: Learning about his past and what he did to get exiled from Heaven, and losing people he cares about.
Relationships: Kind and caring towards others, but also distant about himself. No relationship he can remember and no one particular in his life. Romance wise, any takers?
Family: He doesn’t know if his mother and father are dead or alive.
History: After being exiled from Heaven, he lost his memory of everything that happened before that. The only thing he remembers is waking up in a pile of black feathers. He’s spent most of his time as a Fallen Angel trying to remember his past.

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