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Character's Full Name: Ela Reimann
Pronunciation: Eee-luh Rye-man
Species: Avian Humanoid
Abilities: Flight, sense of direction (she can pretty much tell you your exact latitude/longitude coordinates at any given moment.)
Age: 17
Height: 5'7"
Hair: Medium length, layered bright red hair that's often pulled back out of her face. She also has sweeping bangs, but usually pins them back along with her hair.
Eye Color(s): Dark violet
Skin Color(s): Light Caucasian
Personality: Ela comes off to many as a cold, uncaring person. She belives that emotions like sadness and happiness only cause distractions and harm and therefore tries to avoid them at all costs even though it is difficult. Due to this bottling of her emotions, she is easily annoyed and extremely short-tempered. She frequently uses sarcasm and enjoys being a snarker. Many consider her to be rude as she speaks what is on her mind, usually without thinking, as well as cursing a lot. She is independent and serious towards her interests and goals.
Looks: She has a light splay of freckles across her face. Ears are pierced (first holes only). She has a few light scars throughout her body from various accidents and street fights. Her wings are light gray with black streaks.
Appearance: To most, Ela just looks like a ragtag, malnourished teenager (she's thin/lightweight due to her avian genes) with a permanent scowl on her face and overly dyed hair (which it is not.). As she is able to tightly furl her wings, going into public is not much of a problem and she doesn't look much different than a normal teen.
Outfit/Style: She likes to wear clothes that are easy to move around in, such as shorts, tank tops, etc. She usually wears sneakers due to their comfort and ability to be worn for most situations. She also likes layering tanks and camis. She usually does not wear much jewelry to prevent it from getting in the way of her flying, but she always wears stud/post/ball earrings on her ears.
Likes: Guns, Potato chips, seafood, shooting ranges, eating in general (since getting a lot of food is rare for her), reading (mostly literature and such)
Dislikes: enclosed spaces, cows, her brother, immaturity, confrontation
Strengths: Good aim, flexibility, intelligence, keeping her emotions in control
Weaknesses: Kind of clumsy, lacks people skills
Fears: Death, failure, losing people
Relationships: Like emotions, Ela believes that friendships are pointless; she does not like getting close to people in fear that she will lose them. Due to this, Ela has an extremely hard time opening up to people. She does not trust easily due to her experiences in the past. Once she finally opens up, however, Ela is extremely loyal and protective towards those she cares about. She also has a soft spot for people who are suffering, and is often willing to help them regardless of the consequences.
Family: She has a foster mother and father whose statuses are unknown and a brother, Tommy.
History: As young children, Ela and her brother lived on the streets until they were found by some cops and placed into the foster care system. The two were taken in by a seemingly gracious family happy to have some normal kids, but upon finding out about their true identities, the parents began to consider the two freaks and forced the two to leave. In fleeing, Ela was separated from her brother. She attempted to search for him, but was forced to give up eventually and developed a bitter psychological hatred towards him for "deserting" her. She then became a drifter, going from city to city and not staying too long in any of them for fear of going back into foster care.

Character's Full Name: Samuel Ryan Hawkins (Sam)
Species: Human
Abilities: As he was majoring in Biology before dropping out of college, Sam knows a lot about different branches of science and knows much about the environment and genetics and such. He also took jujutsu classes throughout his childhood.
Age: 19
Height: 6'0"
Hair: Short dirty blonde. Often rather unkempt because he can never seem to find a comb.
Eye Color: Electric blue
Skin Color: Slightly tanned Caucasian
Personality: Sam is extremely outgoing and friendly to the point of seeming like a complete flirt, unknowingly to him. He is also a people pleaser and bit of a nerd, which he tries to hide for fear of being thought strange. He can’t stand to see others upset and does whatever it takes to cheer them up, whether it be by showing compassion or acting like a complete clown. He is also very curious and inquisitive about things going on around him.
Looks: He’s tall and thinly built, but also muscular from the years of martial arts training. He also has light facial hair but shaves it off whenever he can get his hands on a razor.
Appearance: He looks like an everyday average human just a bit more attractive.
Outfit/Style: He dresses like an average teenage boy. T-shirts, hoodies, jeans, sneakers, the works.
Likes: Sandwiches, science, cigarettes, video games
Dislikes: Vegetables, nicotine withdrawals, arguments
Strengths: Intelligence, friendliness
Weaknesses: Pushover (due to being a people pleaser), short attention span, jealousy issues
Fears: Sharks, sharp objects (fangs, claws, etc), being thought poorly of
Relationships: Due to being so outgoing and friendly, Sam is able to get to know people rather quickly and easily. He usually assumes that he has a lot of friends, regardless of the fact that some of them are probably one sided.
Family: He has a father and an older brother, neither of which he keeps in contact with anymore. His mother died when he was young from cancer.
History: Sam grew up in the suburbs with his family. Both he and his brother, Cameron, were exceptionally intelligent and competitive with each other, but because Cameron was the eldest, Sam was always stuck in his shadow. Cameron was accepted into college at an Ivy League, causing Sam to have to pay his own way through college. Eventually, the costs became too much and he could not keep up with his loans and was forced to drop out. Now considered a great disappointment, Sam’s father refused to let the boy move back in with him. Resentfully, Sam then moved to Atlanta in order to find a job there but was unable to raise enough money for an apartment.

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