Akira and Sebastian's Profiles!

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[√] I understand, you have my permission. I wish to join the club.

Character's Full Name: Akira Elisabeth Corners
Species: Werewolf
Abilities: Akira has a high sense of smell, sight, and hearing. She can extend her claws and her fangs to fight and use her tail to hit things that are in her way.
Age: Actual age is 22 when to other people, she looks about 25.
Height: 5’5”
Hair: Midnight Black, it goes to just below her shoulders and it’s a little crazy when it rains.
Eye Color(s): Red
Skin Color(s): Slightly Tan
Personality: Seems cold at first, but if you get to know Akira, she is actually really nice and actually shy (YES, SHE ACTUALLY IS) around people, especially men. If men get to know Akira, she slowly opens up and shows her nice and true side and eventually and slowly, gets a bit romantic. When people first meet Akira though, she seems isolated and almost very busy because of her work now, and almost like she doesn’t have the time to talk to people when she actually does. She’s not afraid to take risks but on occasion, you will see her scared about something from time to time but you will see her very serious about a topic that probably isn’t so serious. She likes people to trust her and not be scared of her, even though she acts mean most of the time to everybody.
Looks: She only has ear piercings now that are single and a very small lip piercing and to most people, she’s a little bit scary because of how she acts towards strangers or how she looks. She has scars on her neck and hands from fighting a lot in the past. She has reading glasses but she doesn’t like to use them unless she’s alone.
Appearance: Akira mainly looks scary to humans but to some, maybe not if they see how she acts. She can’t hide her wolf ears so they always show when she goes into town but she can hide her claws, fangs, and her tail, so she always hides those so people aren’t so scared of her. To men, she looks admirable but not overboard.
Outfit/Style: She now tends to wear tank tops, shorts, or khakis, compared to her outfit before when she first joined the MCC altogether. She wears combat boots most of the time and when it gets cold, she has a few fur jackets and earmuffs to cover her wolf ears. She makes sure to hide her tail by sticking it up her jacket or by wearing her khakis.
Likes: Quiet areas, flowers (secretly), blood, cloud watching, drinking from time to time (mainly to just have fun or to calm herself down), writing her journal, reading books, listening to music, being alone, making food, talking to people she knows, being the leader of the MCC.
Dislikes: Smoking (yes, she stopped a long time ago), something happening to her friends, hunters, scientists.
Strengths: Fighting, winning in fights, helping the MCC, her sight, hearing, and smell, making friends
Weaknesses: Her shyness and letting her feelings out.
Fears: Something happening to her friends.
Relationships: She’s best friends with Karin and Sebastian is like a brother to her, since they are childhood friends. With everybody else in the club, she’s friends with but she doesn’t see any love interests at the moment because she’s clueless with that kind of stuff. She basically seems cold to anybody if they don’t know her well enough.
Family: She has an older brother and her father is dead. Her mother disappeared when she was very young and her brother and her father raised her.
History: Ever since she was little, she has been fighting alongside her brother and father, but once her father died, she left her brother and went out on her own to find her own path, even though it was an uneven one. She then decided to make a club for mythological creatures that wanted to hide from the world because they were all shunned years ago but now, something seems to be different about the world and mythological creatures. Something… odd. Something Akira doesn’t like.


Character's Full Name: Sebastian Lefèvre
Pronunciation: Sebastian LEV-FRERE
Species: Vampire
Abilities: He sucks blood out of people and has pretty long claws if he intends to use them. He’s very strong and doesn’t back down from a fight.
Age: Sebastian is actually a little over 200 years old when he looks about 20.
Height: 5’11”
Hair: Dark Brown, about shoulder-length and somewhat messy.
Eye Color(s): Lime Green
Skin Color(s): Pale White
Personality: When first getting to know Sebastian, he can be very mysterious and it’s hard to get to know but once somebody starts to open him up, he’s actually very fun and just goofy. When Sebastian is hanging out with friends, he can act very differently, depending on a situation they are in and if they aren’t even in a situation at all. When Sebastian has a love interest (Karin) he can be very romantic and listens a lot and likes to be open with subjects. He can be shy about certain things, depending on the topic at hand. If somebody gets into a fight with Sebastian, they are most likely to lose, depending on who would have the upper hand.
Looks: Sebastian has old bite scars on his neck and has a small circle tattoo on his right hand. He has his left ear pierced.
Appearance: Sebastian normally looks like another person when it comes to humans but when he needs to feed, he acts like he’s on a sugar high and he can’t stop really twitching until he gets his blood. Otherwise, Sebastian looks like a nice guy, but he’ll back you up in a fight if you know him.
Outfit/Style: Sebastian wears a simple, black jacket with a faded, dark green shirt underneath it with an empty chain hanging around his neck. He wears dark blue jeans that are slightly faded and ripped at the knees and wears dark green sneakers.
Likes: Speaking in French, Relaxing, Hanging out with the guys in the MCC, helping people, Karin, steak, blood, going around the world.
Dislikes: Just how Griffin acts towards him, his friends getting hurt, something happening to Karin, scientists, hunters.
Strengths: Having blood, eating a bunch of food, his friends.
Weaknesses: Not having enough blood, losing to somebody in a fight.
Fears: Something happening to any of his friends, even if he doesn’t like them completely.
Relationships: For love interests, he only has Karin. He’s very romantic and nice and can’t help but be around her when he is with her. With Akira, he’s basically a big brother to her and he helps her out when he can. If he has any rivals, it might be Griffin just because of the way he acts and talks to Karin, but this is also Sebastian’s protective side coming out. Sebastian is basically a nice guy once you get to know him, but if you get on his bad side, he’s not a nice person at all.
Family: He had a younger brother at some point that he protected all the time back in the 1800s but at one point, when he wasn’t paying attention, his brother (who was a vampire also) was killed by hunters. He lived on his own with his brother at the time and he had no mother or father and he has no recollection of them.
History: Sebastian grew up on the streets of France in the 1800s as a normal human without any parents and had a younger brother, living alongside of him. One day, when he and his brother were taking a shortcut home through an alley, a vampire attacked them both and they were killed and turned into vampires. Afterwards, they had to always keep an eye out for those who would kill them and Sebastian made sure to protect his little brother, even if that meant giving up his life. When, for one moment Sebastian wasn’t looking, his brother was killed in an instant and Sebastian has to live with the death of his brother on his hands. After that, he lived on, protecting those he could and eventually came upon wars and participated in those, not dying because he can only die by the stake. He eventually came upon Akira’s father and became best friends with him (this was in the 1900s) and stayed best friends with his family. He met Akira’s mother but doesn’t tell her anything about her when she questions him. He helped protect Akira and what she was when she was born and started to grow and doesn’t let go that he let his brother die. He protects people he cares about and doesn’t back down.


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