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[√] I understand, you have my permission. I wish to join the club.

Character's Full Name: Griffin Flavius Alatum
Pronunciation: Griffin Ah-LATE-um
Species: Wyvern-Human Hybrid
Abilities: Wings-ability to fly; Eyes-night vision, vision over great distances; great endurance (because of wyvern blood)
Age: is 25 years old, mentally about 32
Height: 6’5”
Hair: Chestnut-brown, slightly spiked at the top
Eye Color(s): Golden-Amber (he has slitted pupils like a dragon)
Skin Color(s): Light Olive (Caucasian)
Personality: Appears apathetic and rude, is very loyal and courageous, easily adapts to situations, heroic
Looks: Has three parallel scars on his left cheek from when he broke through a window when he was 14; many scars on his arms, back, chest, and stomach from his childhood (experiments); one small red dragon tattoo on his wrist (normally hidden)
Appearance: Most are frightened by his stoic attitude, females tend to be attracted to his “devilishly good looks” but never get through to him, males are intimidated, all normally give him a lot of space because they think he will hurt them
Outfit/Style: Tends to wear a trench coat to hide his wings, prefers dark colors since he only goes out at night, wears dark jeans and fairly-dressy shirts, wears a [stolen] gold watch
Likes: Flying (obviously), being a hero, darkness
Dislikes: Socializing, scientists, and ruffians
Strengths: Inhuman endurance, shows no fear (will do anything), can escape easily, has some street fighting credit
Weaknesses: Feels obligated to help others no matter what, refuses to accept help (very independent)
Fears: [he acts as though he doesn’t have any, but] he is afraid of losing anyone he cares about (this is why he tries to alienate himself)
Relationships: Love Interests- Akira; tolerates everyone else in the MCC to an extent; all in all, he is typically rather cold to people but can have a sense of humor once in awhile
Family: Parents and twin brother are deceased, no other living family known
History: At the age of twelve, his parents and brother were killed in a house fire (a confirmed arson by police) but he managed to escape. From that night until he was seventeen, he disappeared; no one knows what happened or where he went. The truth is that a clinically insane scientist who claimed to know his brother kidnapped him and altered his memories; Griffin remembers the torture he endured but it is very difficult to consciously do so. He broke free at the age of fourteen, leaving the scientist in his wake. However, one day in Thessaloniki, Greece, there were reports of a young boy flying through the skies. Though it was never confirmed, that boy was Griffin. To this day, he remained in Thessaloniki, keeping a low profile despite his countless thefts. He has been involved in gangs for the supplies, guidance, and shelter, but, after being involved with many deadly street fights, he abandoned them and set out to live on his own. Since then, he has made a living by stealing and lives in a rundown apartment by himself in a discrete location of the city. There, he doles out vigilante justice against violent criminals, excusing his own crimes by doing so and saving the lives of countless potential victims.


Character's Full Name: Acacia de la Radix
Pronunciation: Ah-KAY-See-Ah duh lah Raid-Icks
Species: Mandrake
Abilities: Has a “defense system” that allows her to make thorns pop up from her skin like goosebumps (she then proceeds to hit people with said thorns) and can absorb the sun’s rays to heal herself or (occasionally) those around her
Age: is 19, looks between 21 and 25, is mentally around 30
Height: 5’10
Hair Color/Style: white; waist-length, one ear exposed with a strand of hair toward her face, the rest loose behind her shoulders.
Eye Color(s): Right eye is violet, left eye is silver
Skin Color: Pale green (like a flower stem)
Personality: Rather brash but secretly insecure, not afraid to get dirty, kind at heart, likes to fight her own battles
Looks: Has dark green “growths” on her legs and abdomen that she normally covers up (they are resemblant to the vines of a Lygodium plant); when in the light, her skin seems to shimmer (as if there were dewdrops on it); two identical scars on her wrists from where “someone” tried to harvest her water [their reasons remain unknown] (yes, she has water instead of blood); there is a tattoo of a white rose on her right shoulder blade (don't ask me how she got someone to do that...)
Appearance: Will not go out in public without a “humanizing” potion to disguise her skin tone, often regarded as strangely attractive, is rather curvy despite being a plant (she developed muscles from her many fights), people tend to assume she is either a hippie (because of her love of nature) or a punk (because of her style)
Outfit/Style: Always wears her black vest no matter what, likes to wear natural colors (dark greens, browns, blacks, white), typically has her maroon sneakers on or goes barefoot
Likes: Plants, fighting, winning, flowers, speaking in French and English, walking through the woods, writing poetry, singing (to herself), astronomy, dancing (secretly)
Dislikes: Fire, losing, being helpless, people who are annoying, having her poetry read by others
Strengths: Ferocity enables her to fight well, connection to nature
Weaknesses: Unable to back away from a fight, can come off as arrogant but has a lot of self doubt
Fears: Putting her trust in the wrong person, heights, fires
Relationships: Tends to be extremely cautious around people, will warm up rather quickly if she feels she can trust a person; does not really see anyone as a love interest [YET] but is likely to be kind and playful to those who show they can be trusted
Family: She does not know her family, but her father died when she was a baby and her older sister’s location is unknown
History: At seven years old, she went missing from her home in the middle of the night; her sister (her only living relative) received no reliable information and all clues led to dead ends. Her mother left her family when she was an infant, and her father passed away in a kitchen fire when she was three. Her older sister (identity unknown to Acacia as of now) was her guardian until she was kidnapped. Though her memory is very hazy, she believes that she was grown in a private garden among her kind, but, unfortunately, the rest of her people were killed by humans. This is the cause of her wariness to trust people. Through her entire life, she has lived in Paris, France, and she uses a potion daily to disguise her abnormal skin tone. Despite her French origins, she speaks English equally as well as French for a reason she does not know, and she tends to inadvertently combine the two when she doesn't pay attention. Acacia is willing to defend nature at any price, and she is often found fighting others to boost her reputation. Her occupation has been working at the local flower shop since she was 12, and she tries to avoid other human contact as much as possible. When confronted, she has always resorted to violence. In other words, she is not exactly a "delicate flower."


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