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[√] I understand, you have my permission. I wish to join the club.

Character's Full Name: Karin Toniku (兎肉カリン)
Pronunciation: Kah-reen Tony-ku
Species: Usagi- Japanese Rabbit/Girl
Abilities: Excellent memory and hearing. Good at making friends.
Age: 19; though she still has a young face
Height: 5'5"
Hair: Long, straight strawberry blonde hair reaching to her mid-back. (It's been dyed)
Eye Color(s): Bright Pink, like an Angora rabbit.
Skin Color(s): Pale asian; cheeks flush pink easily
Personality: Extremely shy and timid at first. Easily frightened by sudden movements, mildly scary things, and most of all: blood. She's fascinated by cute things. Once she knows someone is safe, she's very caring and protective of them and makes many friends. Embarrassed very easily. She's not much help, but she certainly tries to be. Naive. Childish. Silly. Her heart beats super fast like a rabbit and she's prone to fainting at too much excitement.
Looks: She has multiple ugly white scars, big and small, scattered across her face and body. She has fuzzy white bunny ears that start twitching when she's stressed out.
Appearance: A small, shy Japanese girl with odd hair, weird eyes and bunny ears
Outfit/Style: Pretty casual. She likes to wear cute things like skirts and dresses or plain things like huge baggy T-shirts and shorts. No jewelry. She would never wear anything super revealing or sexy. Too embarrassing!
Likes: Cute things, feeling safe, making new friends, sweets, kiddie stuff, hugs, having her ears petted, Sebby
Dislikes: Doctors/Surgeons, Pointy things, Blood, Guns, Scary looking people, Nightmares
Strengths: She's good at making friends despite her shyness. Her cute face can get her some mercy points, but not always. Her hearing and sight are pretty acute.
Weaknesses: Very clumsy and rash. She's always trying to help but sometimes it only makes things much worse. She gets pretty emotional about certain things. She's a very scared person and sometimes that really gets in the way of things.
Fears: *See Dislikes Above* + Losing friends, Getting hurt
Relationships: Shy and cautious to strangers, but caring and happy around friends. She's also in love with Sebastian, no big deal.
Family: [x]
History: An unknown scientist kidnapped her when she was a small child because her cute face had potential. With the help of genetic engineering, he gave her working bunny ears and messed with her DNA to make her more bunny-like. She was an experiment to make a real-life Rabbit Girl--a craze in Japan. The experiment went wrong when Karin's memories of the surgeries weren't wiped like they should have been. How she escaped and came to where she is today is a mystery. She has nightmares about her surgeries every night.


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