Ash's Profile!

From: MashMadness

[√] I understand, you have my permission. I wish to join the club.

Character's Full Name: Valerie Ashlin Carson
Species: Nymph
Abilities: She's pretty. xD Good with animals, too. Also, men are driven to insanity when they see her in the moonlight. It's a Nymph thing.
Height: 5'5
Hair: Long, light brown hair with a slight curl to it.
Eye Color(s): Gray-ish blue
Skin Color(s): Caucasian
Personality: She's quiet and tends to avoid being the center of attention, although she loves being surrounded by (non-threatening) people. She's very motivated and a hard worker. She's secretly sweet, but when stressed or scared, tends to become defensive and b*tchy. She also hoards things. xD
Looks: Above average
Appearance: A young boy (she wears her hair up in a hat and loose clothing.
Outfit/Style: Baggy and boy-ish.
Likes: Fluffy things (they ease her stress levels) like baby blankets and sheep.
Dislikes: Big, scary men.
Strengths: She's persuasive
Weaknesses: She scared of people
Fears: Men
Relationships: She doesn't tend to like them, and takes a while to warm up to them.
Family: A grandmother who disapproves of her, a mother who really doesn't care, and an unknown father.
History: Her mother was kind of a free spirit and ended up pregnant, and dumped Ash as a baby on HER mother. Grandma ended up raising Ash with unattainably high expectations, and resented the child. She ran away, lived on the streets in a big city, has several close and scary encounters with creeps.


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