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In the beautiful forests of Virginia, there lives a Werewolf named Akira. She knows probably better than anyone not to trust humans. They've been hunting her and her family for generations. So to protect herself and others like her, she began The Mythological Creatures Club.

Recently, she obtained a strange, foreign hard drive that contained one file: a tracking program. She quickly discovered that it can track any Mythological Creature on the earth, including herself.

And she intends to use it.

But this mysterious hard drive is creating more questions than answers...How is it tracking her and the others? Something's not right here at all.

What started as a club to protect creatures soon turned into a full out investigation to solve a mind-blowing mystery...


Animelover7310- Akira and Sebastian & Charlie

Harvestmoonluvr- Karin, Rano & Tano

WyvernWings- Griffin, Acacia & Solana

Lost Memories

ALICE "It wasn't me, mère. Il étais Christophe...already broken...AH!" I woke up with a start. I rubbed the back of my head as I tried to remember where I was. Let's see... I pulled my phone out of my pocket and looked at the ...

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ALICE It was almost the new year and I had finally been able to experience Christmas again. The last Christmas I remember was when I was fifteen. Everything's a blur after that. I only remember that day clearly because I accidentally fell d...

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Mirror, Mirror

ALICE I stretched out as I awoke and went through my daily routine of squinting, getting out of bed, and brushing my hair. I walked over to my vanity and stood in front of the mirror to brush my hair when I noticed my reflection in the mirro...

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Sorry for any typos. Did on my iPad again and auto correct always changes something, so if you see anything weird, just let me know. ALICE I shivered in the corner of my fishbowl. My head was aching so bad from not feeding in so long...

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In Hiding

So just ignore my post before, I decided to redo it so everything goes along better! I apologize. New post! ALICE I'd been hiding out in the vents for who knows how long before they finally gave way. Should've figured they wouldn't...

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