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In the beautiful forests of Virginia, there lives a Werewolf named Akira. She knows probably better than anyone not to trust humans. They've been hunting her and her family for generations. So to protect herself and others like her, she began The Mythological Creatures Club.

Recently, she obtained a strange, foreign hard drive that contained one file: a tracking program. She quickly discovered that it can track any Mythological Creature on the earth, including herself.

And she intends to use it.

But this mysterious hard drive is creating more questions than answers...How is it tracking her and the others? Something's not right here at all.

What started as a club to protect creatures soon turned into a full out investigation to solve a mind-blowing mystery...


Animelover7310- Akira and Sebastian & Charlie

Harvestmoonluvr- Karin, Rano & Tano

WyvernWings- Griffin, Acacia & Solana


ALICE I trudged slowly towards the elevator to my room. Each step was like a stab in my foot. Actually, I think I have a shard of glass wedged in my shoe. I lifted my foot up slowly and tried to grab onto the small fragmen...

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Summer Daze Part 2

Day 5: Safety with Sebastian and Nodin (what to do) and Bellinda and Kaki (what not to do) “Sometimes I get the feeling Akira is eternally trolling us,” Sebastian and Nodin peeked over the rim of their binder a...

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Plot Twist: Coming Very Soon To YOUR Area!

Alright, so I know this MAY be a bit rushed for some of ya'll, but we've decided the plot twice shall occur Wednesday night at some point (I'm thinking around 10-11 Eastern time but that's subject to change).

What this means is:

  • Get your fabulous free-for-all Germany posts out before then, please!!!

That give you all about two days to post. And if you're having trouble posting/need help/have questions/have not posted in a while and are lost, contact us (preferably by individual accounts rather than this one) and we will drop everything to help you (unless it's food or our jobs...).

So yeah. PLOT TWIST GUISE. WOOOOOO. Just wait and see.... ;3

Alright, peace out, ya'll.

<3 WW


So I decided to write a recess thing for the summer school thing because it looked like a lot of fun. c: Thank you for the tether ball idea, Xuian. ^o^ ------- Bridgette I hate the heat. I hate the outdoors. I h...

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Ich Bin Ein Fabelwesen

OLLO AGAIN, FOLKS. Though it is much shorter than the others (for which I am truly sorry), I have created another mini stories thing. There are only, like, four stories. BUT I MADE SOME OF GRIFFIN'S JOURNAL. Like hardly anything real...

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