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In the beautiful forests of Virginia, there lives a Werewolf named Akira. She knows probably better than anyone not to trust humans. They've been hunting her and her family for generations. So to protect herself and others like her, she began The Mythological Creatures Club.

Recently, she obtained a strange, foreign hard drive that contained one file: a tracking program. She quickly discovered that it can track any Mythological Creature on the earth, including herself.

And she intends to use it.

But this mysterious hard drive is creating more questions than answers...How is it tracking her and the others? Something's not right here at all.

What started as a club to protect creatures soon turned into a full out investigation to solve a mind-blowing mystery...


Animelover7310- Akira and Sebastian & Charlie

Harvestmoonluvr- Karin, Rano & Tano

WyvernWings- Griffin, Acacia & Solana

Azul- All these things I've done

Azul- All these things I've done The chair that I was sitting on was uncomfortable but I put up with it. My sister Kutari was fast asleep against my shoulder, clutching a issue of Shoujo Beat! For a Byakko she seemed to like Shoujo manga r...

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Nai Hina- the City that we love <3

Nai Hina the city that we love I flinched as reality kicked in, the intoxicating smell of human flesh and aeroplane food filled my nostrils as I sat in the aeroplane seat. It had been a while America was far behind m...

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FUNimation's New Characters, Hannah and Samael McCalman!

Character's Full Name: Hannah McCalman Species: Human Abilities: She’s not naturally smart like Cyrus or Charlie, but she is still quite intellig...

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The File

Ash! A/N: I am so sorry for this. I have no idea how to do medical files or pasts or just anything serious in general. So I am sorry. Also, I did not proof read, if that tells you anything at all about this. It's so bad I couldn't even make...

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As If I Wasn't In Enough Trouble

Sebastian I was in a lot of trouble, whether it be with Karin or anybody else. Of course, hanging out with my friends was fun after the day that Vevila fed on me and Karin yelled at me, but whenever I came back to the hotel...

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