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In the beautiful forests of Virginia, there lives a Werewolf named Akira. She knows probably better than anyone not to trust humans. They've been hunting her and her family for generations. So to protect herself and others like her, she began The Mythological Creatures Club.

Recently, she obtained a strange, foreign hard drive that contained one file: a tracking program. She quickly discovered that it can track any Mythological Creature on the earth, including herself.

And she intends to use it.

But this mysterious hard drive is creating more questions than answers...How is it tracking her and the others? Something's not right here at all.

What started as a club to protect creatures soon turned into a full out investigation to solve a mind-blowing mystery...


Animelover7310- Akira and Sebastian & Charlie

Harvestmoonluvr- Karin, Rano & Tano

WyvernWings- Griffin, Acacia & Solana

Devil in a lab coat

Kaki Quinn- Devil in a lab coat This piece contains a bit of gore/violence mad people testing on normal people!!! And a twist (slightly) in Kaki’s story. ----------------------------------------------------------------...

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Turning Pages

Ace ************* Sorry it's been so long since I posted. I'm glad I had time to get involved with the plot, though! Hope you like it! ************* So close. Pen clutched in my fingers, I struggled to transfer ...

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We're All in This Together

~Kateri I woke up and stretched my arms. It was still during the day, so I supposed everyone was napping. Then I looked at my surroundings. The events of the morning came rushing back. KEEFER. They took my Keefer. What on earth was I suppos...

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Haunting Pasts and Safe Dreams

Yesh, writing again so soon:) But I had ideas and they will not rest. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ KEEFER A bright, blinding light jerked me out of a dream. I snarled...

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Acacia ★☽★☾★☽★☾★☽★☾★☽★☾★ YEAH MORE LAB HORROR AND STUFF. It's really not that bad for Acacia, but... you know... Sister is all eeeeviiiiillll and stuff... That's horrific, right? RIGHT? I'm saying it ...

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