A little thing called stupidity~

The most common disease ever recorded.....most of the time its nothing serious....its like a harmless tumor in our brain except with some of us over time it can worsen and worsen until it kills us...this disease is called stupidity~ Most of our disease cases show up in the teen years, during that "overly dramatic" period of time of a humans life. Today i have a quest for all my readers <a giant group of a 5 people XD> i want you to look at every person u talk to and then examine them discreetly for signs of stupidity.

Side affects of this disease may be yelling over pancakes, holding someones hand while jumping up and down while screeching about something no one can understand, running into the same wall several times, asking "when does the 6pm flight take off"<or anything of the like>, pretending to be like a stick and/or rock, and eating paper.

if you want to help anyone one with this disease or donate please call
1-help-a-stupid or go to www.UnderstandingStupidsAndIdiots.com

please help the cause....they need us

<any of you who have this disease may actually think that this post is actually true, any of you who ignore this last message and actually call the phone number and/or go to the website above should immediately seek help for a tutor or text book, thank you for reading and have a good day^^>

Q.O.T.D/s: Are u stupid?<this is a joke guys please dont take anything seriously>