A little thing called stupidity~

The most common disease ever recorded.....most of the time its nothing serious....its like a harmless tumor in our brain except with some of us over time it can worsen and worsen until it kills us...this disease is called stupidity~ Most of our disease cases show up in the teen years, during that "overly dramatic" period of time of a humans life. Today i have a quest for all my readers <a giant group of a 5 people XD> i want you to look at every person u talk to and then examine them discreetly for signs of stupidity.

Side affects of this disease may be yelling over pancakes, holding someones hand while jumping up and down while screeching about something no one can understand, running into the same wall several times, asking "when does the 6pm flight take off"<or anything of the like>, pretending to be like a stick and/or rock, and eating paper.

if you want to help anyone one with this disease or donate please call
1-help-a-stupid or go to www.UnderstandingStupidsAndIdiots.com

please help the cause....they need us

<any of you who have this disease may actually think that this post is actually true, any of you who ignore this last message and actually call the phone number and/or go to the website above should immediately seek help for a tutor or text book, thank you for reading and have a good day^^>

Q.O.T.D/s: Are u stupid?<this is a joke guys please dont take anything seriously>

this is what i get for not checking the posts of my subscriptions

8th/9th grade drama is so tiring especially when u find something out the wrong way!!!!!!! but there isnt anything that will change the way the world goes around so why fight it right? i should just go with the flow........BUT NO I JUST DONT WORK THAT WAY!!! i get all panicked and annoying and then i usually get depressed/super pissed!!!! LIKE I AM RIGHT NOW!!!! though i dont really understand the reason behind my fustra..........HAHA NOW I KNOW WHY IM PISSED :D................now i know why im pissed =.=...........

Q.O.T.D/S.: if you could choose, what shape would you make the world in and what would the color of the sky be? (my answer: triangular and purple :D)


Today was a weird day even though nothing happened......*sighs*.......... oh i know what i will talk about!!!! SASUKE-CHAN!~~~

He is awesome smart awesome cool awesome emo awesome and REALLY AWESOME!!! *fan girl squeak* i just love him so much!!!!!~ even though he is like a total spam i dont care!!!! sasuke....is.......pretty much perfect besides the fact that he almost killed his lover *cough* naruto *cough*>.< if only if only.....well as you can see i am a total yaoi fan and if you have a problem with that dont bother reading anymore of my posts in this lil world of mine cuz yaoi rules B) well anyways back to sasuke-chan.....AND HIS AWESOMENESS!!!! okay i seriously think while sasuke was with ochimaru he was being raped in one of ochimarus "hidden rooms" i swear!!!! :D thanks to certain people i shall not name i learned that snakes are very usefull tools for that^^ okaiiiiiii~ my post will end with that very comment and my wonderful Q.O.T.D/Ss~~~

Q.O.T.D/S.<choose one>: Write a para on your favorite character of all time or~~~ name 15 uses for cups!!!!!


I really really hate doing last minute work....i hate it with a passion......though i do it anyways^^ i am known as a procrastinator... >3< dont judge me!!! LA work is such a pain in the ass.........though all my essays are written and everything is perfect :D........................D: im so tired to think about anything right now......... so you just read a post about nothing!!! XD yay im so happy............bye-byez^^

Q.O.T.D.:what is your worst habbit? is it a stereo type?or is it something unusual o.o???? (p.s. please dont mind my stalkish ways :3)

your opinions

okay i have a few questions/subjects that i need feed back on:

#1 Antibacterial soap
#2 Will we die on 12/21/12?
#3 Is abortion okay?
#4 drugs;what about them makes everyone do it?
#5 Is america going to survive with the next president?
#6 girls and boys over all
#7 mental illness
#8 horders and the action of hording
#9 the bullying movement
#10 ANIME~~

please give me feed back on these topics ^^

Q.O.T.D.: Is is annoying that i actually posted something like this today?