Could we with ink the ocean fill,
And were the skies of parchment made,
Were every stalk on earth a quill,
And every man a scribe by trade,
To write the love of God above,
Would drain the ocean dry.
Nor could the scroll contain the whole,
Though stretched from sky to sky.


I'm overwhelmed O_o


A...another promotion? Seriously, tell me who you are so I can draw something for you!! Haha, all I can figure is that someone really loves Fire Emblem...or maybe TheO staff is promoting the game...or something. Gah, I don’t even know what to say >u< If someone out there is paying for these promotions, thank you again!! You’re amazing!! ♥

Alright, let’s see if I can calm down enough for an actual update XD My husband and I will be spending several days with his family for Christmas, so I won’t be around much during that time, though probably everyone will be busy with Christmas plans too ^^ If I don’t write again before then, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!! *hugs*

"For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord."
Luke 2:11

Thank You Mystery Promoter!!

So I just came on here, glanced over at my sidebar, and was like, “Wait a second...that’s my...Ah!!”

I have no idea who did this, but thank you SO much for promoting my Fire Emblem piece! It was a huge surprise and so sweet of you – I really appreciate it! Feel free to let me know who you are so I can thank you personally, but if you’re going anonymous then I really hope you see this. This means a lot to me! Thanks again!! ^_^

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Thank You!!

Hi there! I just wanted to say thank you for all the birthday gifts and wishes yesterday – you guys are the best! *big hugs to all of you* It was a good birthday ^-^ Now I’m just trying to shake the feeling that I’m getting old, haha XD But seriously...25? Where did that come from? O_o

I also wanted to say thank you for all the prayers and support after my cousin passed away a few weeks ago. It meant so much to me ♥

Happy December to all of you! I hope you’re enjoying the Christmas season!

E-Card SS Wishlist

Here’s my wishlist for chibi-anna-chan’s e-card Secret Santa! If you’re my Santa, feel free to pick from these ideas or anything else you think I’d like ^^ Thank you in advance for your awesome e-card!

Anime: Wolf’s Rain, Fullmetal Alchemist, Fruits Basket, Princess Tutu, Ghost Hunt, The Twelve Kingdoms, Pandora Hearts, Howl's Moving Castle, Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke

Video Games: Kingdom Hearts, Fire Emblem, The Legend of Zelda, Golden Sun, Smash Bros.

Other: Elves, Owls, Avatar/Legend of Korra, Tolkien

Some characters I like a lot: Seto Kaiba (Yugioh), Link (LOZ), Sesshomaru (Inuyasha), Fakir (Princess Tutu), Kyo (Fruits Basket), Seth (Fire Emblem), Hector (Fire Emblem), Riku (Kingdom Hearts), Alex (Golden Sun), Hei (Darker than Black), Naru (Ghost Hunt), Break (Pandora Hearts), Gil (Pandora Hearts), Celty (Durarara!!), Deedlit (Record of Lodoss War)

Some pairings I like a lot: Link & Zelda (LOZ), Hector & Lyn (Fire Emblem), Takuto & Mitsuki (Full Moon), Fakir & Duck/Ahiru (Princess Tutu), Naru & Mai (Ghost Hunt), Ikuto & Amu (Shugo Chara), Rath & Cesia (Dragon Knights), Roy & Riza (FMA)

All Done!

Hello again! Today was my last day of work at the Halloween store, so I’m happy to say I’ll have time to draw once again. My supposed part-time job ended up nearly full-time, so I’ve been really busy the last several weeks. Earlier today we worked on packing up the remaining merchandise and tearing down the store. Good to have time to rest now ^-^

How have you guys been? Did you do anything fun for Halloween? My husband’s family has a Halloween party every year, and we had a great time visiting with them last weekend. I dressed up as Howl from Howl’s Moving Castle, complete with a little Calicifer I made ^^ Ironically I won the “Most Beautiful Costume” award in spite of dressing as a man...I guess that’s Howl for you XD

Coming up this weekend, my dad is getting married! That means lots of changes coming up for the family, but I’m very happy for him and my soon-to-be stepmom. Some of you know my mom passed away about three years’s been hard, but by God’s grace we’re all getting through it. I love my family so much ^-^

And I love you guys, too! Hope your Novembers are off to a good start!


Okay, since silvershriek asked so nicely, here’s a shot of my Howl costume. This was a trial-run before the was tough to get any good pictures on the day since my photographer (aka my husband) chose a costume that severely limited his vision XD

My best attempt at a Howl pose ^^;