The Death of the Dragon, the Birth of the Beetle

Shin watched in horror. He had followed his father, determined to protect him as best as he could without getting in the way. He knew the attacker of the village was a fire release, but he would never have guessed it was his childhood friend, Satomi Hama.

Now he could only gaze in dismay as she plunged her kunai into his father's chest. He quickly cleared his head of his alarm, however, and ordered his kikaichu to join his fathers in draining Satomi of her chakra. Once another ninja had finished executing her with his kunai, Shin rushed to his father, who was laying on the ground, holding his profusely bleeding wound.

"Stay conscious, Father, the medical ninja are coming soon." His father's labored breathing worried him, and he knew the longer it took for him to get treatment, the smaller the chance of his survival.

Shin looked around desperately in search for a medical ninja. When he finally spotted one, he called out and moved to give the medical ninja plenty of room.

He observed the medical ninja silently, his stomach twisting at the thought of what might happen.

"He's critically hurt, but he should be fine. A week in the hospital should patch him up fine," the medical ninja said.

Shin relaxed for a moment, then began thinking once more, placing his hand in the fold of his jacket and feeling the kikaichu nibble on his fingers, the way he always did when he was thinking or was in need of comfort.

Satomi... I wonder why...