The Death of the Dragon, the Birth of the Beetle

Satomi held his necklace in her hand as tears fell down her cheeks. She looked at his grave, simply marked with a stone bearing his name and little else.

You were always there for me, Talos...

She could distinctly remember the gentle smile on his face, his stern but loving voice, the way his arms wrapped around her, gentle and warm.

She flashbacked to his final night, the way he told her that shee needed to stay back, that he was dangerous. As dangerous as he might have been to her, she knew he was hurting himself far worse then he could have ever done to her. Every razor-sharp word that went through his mind, lifting the kunai up to stab himself so his outside matched his inside...

She remembered his golden eyes, the way they would twinkle when they looked at her. She remembered how they had grown distant and sightless long before he had died.

It wasn't fair. He shouldn't have died, or at least he should have died a hero, not marked as a dirty criminal simply for running away from his fear.

They had all abandoned him. He had no one in his last breaths of life, no one except her.

They had abandoned her. She could still feel Mamoru's fiery glare, Kyo's icy stare, even Naruto's hard expression as he knocked her unconscious.

Well, if they had abandoned Talos in his final moments, might as well relieve their hatred and create her own final moments, too.

She grabbed a kunai from her pouch and held it to her neck.


She would die, but not before a fight.

Justice must be served.

She stood up and headed towards the outskirts of the village.

* * *

She silently watched the villagers milling about, buying bread for their dinner and idly chatting with the salesman.

They pretended to be kind, warm, but they were cold in their hearts. They all were.

She formed handsigns and prepared her chakra. She had worked on this jutsu many times before. She always knew she would use it, and now she would use it avenging the one closest to her. A fitting fate for a jutsu.

She blew, creating a large, fiery dragon. It raked its claws at some of the villagers, cutting them and setting them on fire. It then turned its head and blew fire on the others.

She winced when she heard the ear-piercing screams of her victims. She was hurting them, killing them...

She closed her eyes, and some of the words spoken on Talos's final, shaky breaths were whispered once again into her mind. "Tell them I'm sorry."

She opened her eyes again with an fiery glare in eyes. It was their fault he wasn't breathing. It was their fault he was dead. It was their fault!

The dragon flew over a few buildings, landing on a roof and setting all nearby structures and people on fire. Deep orange flames licked the coal-black sky, screams of people echoing around the streets. Frightened children hid in corners, crying for their mothers. Ninja immediately rushed past the dragon, ignoring it and heading straight toward Satomi.

The dragon slowly disappeared as she focused a new stream of fire into the oncoming ninjas. Her fire quickly dissipated by a water jutsu, Satomi changed her weapons to her kunai, throwing them and watching a couple hit their mark. She felt an arm grab her and she whirled around and stabbed the ninja who stood behind her. She recognized him as his eyes widened in shock.

Shin's father... huh... unfortunate that he had to learn the true pain of betrayal that I feel...

She felt kikaichu begin to crawl all over her body, sucking out her chakra. She soon began to feel light-headed and closed her eyes. The world around her began to become dull, blurred, as if she were underwater. She thought she felt a kunai pierce her chest, but she wasn't sure.

The world faded away, and all sense of perception slowly began to die. She began wondering if she'll be able to reach some sort of afterlife when she felt two familiar fingers poke her forehead.