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Hey everyone, Hanami's coming up (Cherry Blossom viewing festival), and I want to know when you guys are available. That is, if you want to attend. I was thinking next weekend or the week after. Tell me if it's better to do this during the week or on the weekend. People would like to do this sooner rather than later because 99% of us are in college and we'll be studying for finals soon enough. Try to get me your times as soon as possible.

Regardless, if you can't make the assigned date, Hanami lasts all through the month of April. You wanna do something with your significant other then that's on you.

Update: the official Hanami festival will be this Saturday, sorry for the short notice. Again, that said, you'll be able to "participate" in Hanami all throughout April if you wish or if you'll be missing the assigned date for everyone in chatzy. Anyways, have fun guys!