The Copy Ninja fights

From Kakashi's Point of Veiw.

I was heading to an area where an akatsuki member had been spotted outside the village. It took me just a bit to find the person, and I was surprised to find it was a girl. Her name was Mizuki from the files we had received.

"Hello there." I said as I walked closer.

She didn't say anything, but sent two ice wolves at me. I quickly side stepped them and jumped back.

"I'll have to get serious." I said.

I pulled up my headband and revealed the Sharingan. The wolves moved closer and one almost bite me in the shoulder, but I countered with substitution jutsu. I quickly lunched at her with Lightning Blade. She quickly slide back and launched a wolf at me. I jumped over and planted the Lightning Blade right into it, but to my surprise it barely put a dent in it. The second wolf attacked me from behind, and I barely had time to flip over it to miss it's razor sharp teeth.

"I didn't want to use this already." I said.

The first wolf charged straight at me. I focused on it and activated Kumai and sent half of the wolf into another dimension. Mizuki muttered something but I couldn't really tell what she said. The second wolf charged at me, so I pulled out a kunai to help defend against it.