An Honorable Battle

Rock Lee's POV, First Person

* * *

When I heard the sirens of battle, I quickly sprang into action, running to the front of the village where the Hokage was handing out assignments. I quickly got mine and took note of my opponent.

He was a boy of a medium stature, about my own age. He didn't look particularly threatening, but I knew not to underestimate his enemies.

I have to defeat him quickly, so I can help my fellow comrades in their own battles, I thought as I unraveled the bandages on his arms. A quick Front Lotus, and this should be over. "I am excited to fight such a worthy opponent."

His enemy nodded, then asked "What is your name?"

"I am Rock Lee. And what is yours?"

"Saint Markus, but you can just remember Saint."

I nodded. Saint... such a unique name. It's a shame a person with such a name had to join the Akatsuki. "I am honored."

I quickly dashed up to him and kicked him into the air. I could hear him say something about the wrong opponent, but I was too concentrated at the task at hand to completely hear what he said. Using Front Lotus, I jumped into the air behind him, tied him up and ran him straight into ground before jumping aside and assessing the damage I dealt.

He began to stand. "...You've got some speed..."

Suddenly the ground began to crumble as vines shot out at me. I barely was able to dodge, feeling the vines barely touch my ankle. A wood user? This is definitely going to be a difficult battle...

I widened my eyes as I realized Saint was directly behind me.

"Explosion Release: Landmine Fist" he called out.

I quickly dodged, a small sense of panic creeping into my chest as I realized how close I had come to my end.

As he was thrown forward by his own punch, I added to the force by kicking him in the back. He fell forward and landed on his knees. "That speed of yours is a pain in the butt." He began pulling out some cards as he got up.

Whatever those are, they cannot be good... I quickly ran to kick him, hoping to prevent them from using them.

He managed to dodge my kick, throwing the cards in my face. "Explosion Release: Charged Object."

I watched the flash as the cards exploded, throwing me back Pain shot up through my body. I cannot give up... there are people I must defend. I must end this quickly. I landed on my feet and quickly began pulling off my leg weights.