Girl Fight

Written by Kimiko

When the sirens rang out signalling the village was in crisis, Kimiko immediately put on her ninja gear and dropped off Takumi at the orphanage. She ran into a few ANBU she was familiar with and they informed her that the Akatsuki was planning on invading at that if you had no other duties you were to head to the front gate to fend them off.

Once Kimiko made it there, she didn't even regard those around her. She kept her gaze trained on Naruto who was handing out assignments.

He walked up to Kimiko and said seriously, "You and Satomi are going to take on the Akatsuki recruit they call Puppet. According to intel, her skillset is quite expansive and her weaknesses include her fellow Akatsuki members Madara and Kakuzu. The goal is to keep everyone away from the village, I trust you can do that."

Kimiko nodded and looked to Satomi who was already on her way. 'Headstrong little twit.' She groaned to herself before turning to Keisuke who'd yet to receive his mission. She walked over to him quickly and whispered in his ear. "Takumi's your son, by the way. In case I don't make it out of here."

Before she could let him respond she separated from him and kissed him on the cheek. With that she ran off after Satomi to make sure she didn't get herself killed anytime soon.

'What a reckless kid.'


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